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sundan ride

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by hansen, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Ok so we had an awesome ride last sunday and I really want to do it again this sunday the 12th hope more people will show up eaither way it should be great. Thinking 9:30ish meet up let me know if you are interested :stir:
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  2. How about chevron on washburn
  3. :angry7:change of plans i crashed on 66 yesterday won't make it
  4. what day of the week is sundan??

    if I can find a calendar with sundan I'll come riding. LOL.

    Just kidding. sorry you wrecked. hope you and the bike aren't to banged up.
  5. That sucks, I hope you are alright. Can you explain what happened?

    Does anyone else still want to go?
  6. Sorry, no riding for me this weekend. Getting ready for ORP next weekend.
    Hansen, hope you and the bike are alright.
  7. Young Heart, I will be seeing you at ORP next weekend. Hansen, just because you went down doesn't mean you can't ride Sunday still anyways!! Unless there's something your not telling me which is possible since you haven't come by.
  8. I'm down for a ride. Jaime just mad that a 600 spanked him on 66 lol.

    5419059286 txt me if you gonna ride
  9. I look forward to that James. Should be a great time.
  10. Any rides planned for next weekend?