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Sunday April 10: Tulip Ride to Skagit Valley + Whidbey Island

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Dingo, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Puget Sound area riders, we're less than one week away from the annual Tulip Ride. The extended forecast is looking good, and we're supporting the Red Cross relief efforts for the Japan earthquake and tsunami victims with our fundraising this year.

    There is no required donation and you don't need to register in advance. Just show up on your bike and be ready for a great day of riding.

    Complete details are at

    Hope to see many of you there!
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  2. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000

    I have done this a couple times... its a good ride.. you rolling from Redmond Dingo?

  3. I'm rolling from Redmond, but pretty early - about 8a - because I have to meet the police up there early. If folks want to head up early and have breakfast at the casino, you're welcome to ride up with me. There are also some other Microsoft groups heading up that I can connect you with.
  4. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000

    ^^ Ill be in touch... is this Jeff H?
  5. Jeff H. it is. if you need to get in touch. Hope to see you on the ride!
  6. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000

    thought so, I did the ride with you a couple years ago, and worked in IE with ya... :)

    talk to you soon
  7. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Thread Stickied

  8. Thanks, Guff! It will be great to see lots of PNWriders on Sunday, hopefully. I mentioned this forum on our Tulip Ride Facebook page, as well.

    Weekend weather still looks good. Across various rides, we'll probably see a ton of bikes out on the road.
  9. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    My pleasure Dingo. Anytime there is a motorcycle ride/event in the area be sure to PM me and let me know so I can stick the thread to the top of the page. :secret:

  10. Sounds like a nice run. Are PNW Riders going to be meeting up at a certain spot or just hanging out? I'll be on my white gsxr, if ya see me say wassup.
  11. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    who mods this section? its july. this happened in april...
    hmmm... remove an ancient sticky or infract someone? tough call i know.
  12. in!!

    only if nod leads, though.
  13. :popcorn:
  14. I'd be more than happy to kill this old thread, as I'm about to post the announcement for the 2012 ride. I can't see a way to do this. Please don't infract me - I posted it a year ago and ass-u-me'd it'd fall of the thread pool.

    I'll post the 2012 announcement right now, and if you can clue me into how to nuke this old one, I'll gladly do it.

  15. a mod should be able to change the date for you to teh new one for this year and edit the post if you're unable
  16. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    try hitting the report button on your first post & request they change the date & merge your new thread into this one. good luck!
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