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Sunday BBQ updated...again!!

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by RickyBobby69, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Ok. So here is the new low down....Just bought enough food to feed the salvation army. I hope you all are coming. Here is the list of everyone I have coming so far:

    RickyBobby69 (+3)
    Tiff (+2)
    Washington Blonde
    Twistadeez (+2)
    Torch Monkey
    2 Dizzy
    R6 Roller (+1)

    If i left anyone out please post on here or pm me for more details. we just bought lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, buns, green beans, and stuff to make potato salad and possibly even deviled eggs. We have 4 gallons of Apple Pie. And Tiff is making cookies. We have all the plates and cups. I'm not sure what else to tell people to bring. So BYOB and plan off of that list. We are looking forward to this. it is in two days everyone. Sunday at 6pm. If you come early that is fine. And if you have to show up late that is ok too. We also have way more chips than will ever be eaten!!!
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  2. I'm 50% now. didnt get my clutch in today and sunday is the only other day to do so. If I come it will be later and caging it since I'll be doing the work on FT Lewis.

  3. im 6 miles off post. you can cage it. there is plenty of parking. hell...we have a church directly across the street. thats an entire parking lot. if you dont get it done in time....still come. this is a lot of food
  4. I will probably swing by for 5-10 minutes on the way home from work.
  5. lol, if I dont get it done I'll be walking !
  6. from FT Lewis. I am using the AutoShop there
  7. You need a ride?? I know where it is. The auto skills center??
  8. putting it out there. bring soft drinks with your bottle. we have everything else covered we can think of. so if you cant think of anything to bring and you are not doing a potluck...bring soda,pop,coke, whatever the hell y'all call the shit! lol
  9. Pray I get it in and done!! Hope that is the problem too. If not I have to replace the slave probably....Uggg..hydralic clutches.
  10. Tiff


    No need to RSVP, just remember it's a pot luck/byob The address is

    9314 4th Ave NE
    Olympia, WA 98516

    Come say hi! Starts at 6pm!
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