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sunday cruise 6/10

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Aman, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. wanting to set up a group ride tomarrow maybe starting at mercer island doin a loop, then headin to carnation area and hittin the country roads.
  2. I would like to join! It is supposed to be half way sunny.

  3. depending on the pace of the ride I may show up with my brother. If it's a casual/friendly ride I'd go. If it's going to be knee dragging and such, I'm not skilled enough for that, I'll pass. Let me know.
  4. Knee dragging only happens at the track, you're safe.
  5. Text me a time and place to meet up.

  6. Secrets don't make friends fellars.
  7. Post the time...I'd like to join you
  8. im still tryin to figure out the route me jmirge and petey took last weekend those rds were killer around carnation
  9. [map],+Issaquah,+WA&daddr=47.575788,-121.956217+to:Snoqualmie+Falls,+Railroad+Avenue+Southeast,+Snoqualmie,+WA+to:47.5414014,-121.8270972+to:47.549478,-121.8123715+to:47.61705,-121.91011+to:47.62638,-121.9682+to:47.671719,-121.930512+to:47.69517,-121.90118+to:47.8040629,-121.9802545+to:47.8423583,-121.840531+to:47.8631239,-121.8350701+to:47.8297307,-121.9824512+to:47.84774,-122.09911+to:47.708215,-122.21066+to:Juanita+Pub,+Northeast+120th+Place,+Kirkland,+WA&hl=en&ll=47.690352,-121.977081&spn=0.558346,1.454315&sll=47.798858,-122.063599&sspn=0.278591,0.727158&geocode=FZVb1QId-Oa5-CnfG0Slhm-QVDGn_qdzuWENPQ%3BFezy1QIdhxi7-CkF4I6MZnCQVDECNGZZukQhGg%3BFWZv1QIdb-u8-CGFIWA1E6xd5yknObol0XuQVDFGTVqc_DYirw%3BFZls1QId5xC9-Cll3AafYnmQVDGgrjl56YOTRQ%3BFSaM1QIdbUq9-CnfeOf8cHmQVDG_SLiGmrWumw%3BFRqU1gIdosy7-Cmjmk_D1XaQVDHDkr-XW-7r2g%3BFYy41gIduOm6-CndHkFmQnGQVDEdrcUuy1hBFQ%3BFadp1wId8Hy7-CmbkEGZOXSQVDE8OyTFO8M6RQ%3BFULF1wIdhO-7-CkXVYk-mHWQVDEb5eUvDkzgnA%3BFZ5u2QIdorq6-ClFeTOzsaCaVDFiEWzF2xvs_A%3BFTYE2gIdbdy8-CmxMx2HkKOaVDEzKMzJ4EzOWQ%3BFVNV2gIdwvG8-CkJK9KahKSaVDHscgNkqDMvFQ%3BFeLS2QIdDbK6-CkV8qwoI6eaVDHQ9oce-YHj_g%3BFTwZ2gIdWuq4-CkTlXSNbAiQVDF80gs3nx3Gqw%3BFTf41wIdnDa3-CnDTP5DbxKQVDEfQJ6sEtBeAA%3BFRr41wIdNDS3-CnnzwlAbxKQVDF8o3G_eQNPvQ&mra=mru&via=1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14&t=m&z=10[/map]

    This is everything you need to know minus mercer island. Ill even meet y'all at the pub for a beer.
  10. hey that looks like a good route. i had my mind set on goin back to a place i and a group were at last week cause that road was sex. but this looks good, im assuming theres legit twistys? im knew to this area..
  11. You talking about Renton/Issaquah, where you were following me on my old CBR? The route posted above is as good or better.
  12. no the road im talkin about is after u splt at issaquah, i wana say it was around carnation. if people want to take the route nw rider provided id be down
  13. What time are you doing this?
  14. You might be talking about High Bridge and Ben Howard, which are staples of any ride and are included on the map. They go through farm country near monroe/sultan.
  15. I'm in. Let's meet at triple x at around 10am???
  16. yes! those are the roads we were on last week now i know where the fuck we were. ok im down for the route above. im gona need someone to lead us lol im thinkin im gona be at the XXX ROOT BEER PLACE at 10:30
  17. See you at xxx at 10:30 am!! :D
  18. Hmm, I'll have to remain a "maybe." I need to fix my car tomorrow, but if it's sunny and beautiful I might not be able to resist a ride.
  19. I might join in for this ride
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