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Sunday July 15 Triple X Burgers and Bikes Of All Types

Discussion in 'Westside' started by DanielE36, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Looking for something to do on July 15? Now you know, Burgers and Bikes OF ALL TYPES.. At Triple X in Issaquah come enjoy the variety of bikes and good food.
    (although i don't see why they would make it for 8am :scratchea)
    ^ This is a good reason to show up..

    Anyways im pretty sure there will be a ride afterwards so ill see you there..
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  2. Make sure to keep in touch with me about this one Daniel. I'd make the trip for it. Sounds like fun. And if there is a ride, I'll keep ya company at the back of the pack. ROFL
  3. Will be bringing my Paratrooper minibike:mrgreen:
  4. No prob. Ill let you know whats up.

    Nice.. Ill b looking for it.
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  6. man every time someone puts a bike night here i got something already...... i never been
  7. In, looking forward to sucking down a giant RB and meeting up with you guys!

  8. Might stop by for a bit and then skipping town
  9. I'll ride out there in the morning, but I need to be at work at 1:00.
  10. It is an actual show, and not just a bike night. That is why it starts at 8am.

    That date isn't the only time bikes are welcome. The XXX is always a good meetup spot for rides. They just do car shows almost every Sunday, so it can get crowded. Nice to have something other than bikes to drool over though.

    I do seem to remember a couple of bike nights being hosted there, but they do like to be informed if there is going to be an extra hundred people so they can staff accordingly.
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  11. Good to know ill make sure to bring my camera then..
  12. Does anyone know why this kicks off at 8am??
  13. It is an actual show, and not just a bike night. That is why it starts at 8am.

  14. Second quote was posted before yours..... Did you even read the thread?
  15. ^ Yes i did but for some reason my computer wont let me Quote someone idk y?? every time i try and do it, it says there is not enough characters in ur post .. So thats y i copied and pasted.
  16. I wasn't talking to you... 8)

    ...and, to quote, you have to type something in the message.
  17. Ah Got it, But it wasnt in the msg box itself it was on the tittle for some reason.. New computer giving me crap lol