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Sunday Sunday Sunday (3/30)

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by 02gixxer, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Well I just finally got back on the forum this year and was going to get out tomorrow. Yammer and myself are getting out either way, I also posted up in Bigron's thead but figured I would post up too. The forcast says it will be warmer than today and showers will be on a minimum.

    When: Sunday 3/30 at Ruddle Rd Chevron at 9:45 Kickstands up at 10:05 (unless we know to wait for someone)

    Where: Heading south on the familiar roads 8) Unless someone has a better plan.....I know Im always open for options.

    So far we have

    3.ScooterRash (most likely)

    Looking for some familiar faces ( Kresto, BGL, SVJ and a WTFO :thefinge:) BTW I read the St Helens run thread and saw you got a new bike Rick. You like? Looks nice..... I see you still have the Daytona too.....




  2. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt

    Bummer. Have to help a friend move. And next weekend blows too. I need to be single.

  3. I love to ride, we'll see how the weather looks :ninja:
  4. im a maybe if the weather is decent.
  5. hmmm.... should i skip church??? :mrgreen:
  6. Sounds like fun if the temps hold out ! Do you guys run bald hills rd. and vail rd. around cougar mountain airport?

    See ya out there if the weather holds

  7. No, this is too close to my home and I dont like to sh*t in my backyard.

    BTW I just got some new frogg toggs and gortex gloves from cycle gear on sale that I will be testing out, so I will be there either way... As long as it isnt cold, its just water, I really dont see it down pouring, maybe scattered showers.
  8. Almost every time I have been out on Bald hills road lately, I see Po Po.

    Luckily my spidey sense is working well :thefinge:

    I may join you guys in the morning, headed to PDX. If I'm there, I'm there - don't wait for me.
  9. Beltronics STi Driver 8) already paid for itself last ride 2 hits
  10. DANG! I'm taking the girls so my ex can race. :| I really really want to ride too!

    Well have fun and stay safe & warm.
  11. Sorry about the late notice guys. I just sat down at the computer and thought "Ya know, I havent signed onto PNWRiders for a while....."
  12. I was wondering what happened to you, glad to see you found your way back :mfclap:

    Hope to see you in the am.

  13. Well thanks! Im still here....

    Good morning guys. Forcast is the same as I have it listed in the first post. Should be clear, just a chance of a few chattered showers. BUT dress warm/layers. Just in case it gets chilly where we go.....:secret:

    Hope to see you guys there.

    Radar of the area
  14. Fooking ice on the roads! at least my house
  15. Ya, its pretty cold. I am checking weather along the route and it seems the rain will be pretty isolated. I figure if we let the ground defrost, then were good. The roads are almost dry here, how are they in front of your guys houses??
  16. I just rode from Ptown, thru Mckenna and down Bald Hills Rd to Clear Lake.

    Freaking cold, I saw 30 degrees much of the way according to my onboard thermometer.

    Roads were dry, lots of sand in the corners on BH road and a few icy patches here and there.

    Not too bad IMHO.
  17. Just started snowing, looks like a blizzard out there wtf2:
  18. Wow, out in bald hills. damn, thats like 5-6 mins from me. Well im goin to head out there. lacey/oly temps are a little warmer.

    I guess we will just figure it out when we get there....
  19. gotta bail, if i left now wouldnt make it there until 10.20-10.30.

    have fun
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