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Supermoto Maintenance

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by mfrankpdx, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. I've scoured supermotojunkie and thumpertalk, but can't seem to find a strait answer. I'm trying to decide if certain supermotos will work for me... something with more power, but not so much it needs constant attention with maintenance. I have eliminated the Motocross/Trail bikes like the WRF, YZF, CRF and RMZ. The maintenance I'm curious about are the high performance street legal bikes like the KTM SMC, Aprilia SXV and Husqvarna SMR. The most detail I can find over at Supermotojunkie or Thumpertalk is vague, like "extra maintenance" or "more than the DRZ and WRX". I could handle 1,000 mile oil changes, and 5,000 mile valve checks, but much beyond that and it becomes too much work to ride. So what kind of maintenance can I expect on those bikes?

    FYI, I'm looking at these bikes in my area:

    2007 Aprilia SXV450

    2012 Husqvarna SMR511
  2. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    FastFoodFred has an '08 SXV 450, and he's had TPS issues with it. When the TPS is acting up, the fuel economy drops to 30 mpg or less.

    Shoot him a PM if he doesn't see this thread.


  3. The SXV's NEED constant attention, but if you can handle the maintenance intervals above you should be fine. Just keep in mind the intervals are hours not miles. If you can find a well sorted one you'd be in good shape. Do major homework on them if you are truly considering one though, I would also reccomend having a dealer look at it and perform a leak down test before a purchase.
  4. With the 07 sxv, there are a few things to deal with: starter troubles, exhaust leaks, a guaranteed milkshake in your oil that will cost about $2k to either repair or prevent (you will have to do it), and throttle body things. The good news is that things like the WR starter from a few years bolt almost right there. The Honda crf valve shims are the same as well as clutch basket (think slipper clutch) are nearly drop in mods, too. I have 2200 miles on my bike, have changed the oil 6 or 7 times and its always low. The exhaust melted two rear blinkers. Ground issues, battery melts, TPS issues...

    I cannot think of a more entertaining bike to own, even though its ready for a valve job. Mine has literally been ridden at or near redline its whole life.

    I may be getting an 06 husky smr 510 tomorrow. Maybe I can have another report soon.
  5. BTW, if you get the Ape, get the 450. It usually only needs rings when due for rebuilds and get an 08 or newer unless it has had the "black" sealant. The black is a clue that the cases have been split and those crappy OEM seals have been replaced. If the cases have orange rtv, add that 2k to your investment. You may get 1100 miles or only 11 miles, but it will need it.
  6. I have a 05 KTM 450 SMR with light mods (lightened and balanced crank, head work (I should say fixed OEM issues and flowed it to match exhaust) and suspension set up and all I do is change the oil after every ride and no issues and I have 35 hrs of hard riding on it. 51 hp 35 fts tq and runs smoooooooooooth. Yes I go through tires and front brake pads but it's a race bike and maintenance has been a breeze.
  7. KillermondoDude

    KillermondoDude Intellectually Sphinctered

    08 husky 610 here

    Oil every 3 k did my valves at 13K runes like a champ
    cruises 80 all day handles good wrecks good plays fun

    would like the husaburg lighter faster and fun
  8. That's how they want to be ridden constantly, which is why the orange sealant is a big deal. I think Norm might have a good milkshake pic from when my '07 grenaded, even though it passed leak down test. The orange seals cannot handle the pressure the motor makes.

    :secret: BTW I had mine completely overhauled at the dealer for under $1500. All updates, lock-tite fixes updated water pump etc. if the bike you are looking at needs updating then you WILL at some point need to dump some cash into it and wait up to a month on parts from Italy :roll:
  9. i think all of them have their little things about them that once fixed you are good to go, I just got the 2011 Husaberg FS570 and love it. Getting some pretty decent 50+ mpg out of it with a sixth gear and has plenty of power.

    Not sure where to get one anymore but i did tons of research and the 70 degree motor is a champ.

    KTM bought Husaberg and already phased out that motor which sucks. Common problems are fuel pump going bad due to heat (brown top fuel pump?) a few people have bad factory tunes, KTM's awesome (sarcastic) headlight that can blow all of your inline fuses if it dies (i carry two sets of 10a's now ;p) the valve shims don't move for the first 90 hours on some bikes (so far mine hasn't budged and i daily that thing)

    And it crashes good :D Other then that all of my parts now come from KTM and are some sort of take off of one of the KTM's bike instead of its own thing which is good KTM is right next to my house.

    Or you can do what i did and take a 03 crf and make it a dune supermoto for a lot less :D
    If you have any other questions about the berg let me know. I can get you the intervelse out of the owners manual but they are pretty much for if you are tearing into the bike the whole time. If this is going to be a track bike at all id just buy something used and build it how you want it.
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  10. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    OK, off topic and probably a stupid question, but...


    What are the black straps around the rim & tire?

  11. No valves, no worries maaan:rr:
  12. the theory behind those are when you are carving the side of a big dune you are not really on alot of tread up front, kind of slight knob/and the side of the tire. So add some traction to the side of the tire to keep it spinning and boom there ya go :D

    Just helps keep it spinning because all the front wants to do is find a nice spot to plop you down on your *** and make you look silly...really the dunes on a dirtbike if you arnt going fast i dont think there is a way to look good...lots of drops lol.
  13. Two strokes certainly have a place in my heart.
  14. If you are considering the Aprilia, then you pretty much need to get a hold of Allen Noland at Noland Trans-World Cycle. He is in MD, and Amauri Nunez and himself are probably the only two guys in the country who really know that motor forwards and backwards.

    Look up his business name on FB, don't think he has a regular website, or find him on the Aprilia forums.

    Just an FYI, my orange sealant SXV popped with 35 miles on it. Granted, I knew it was going to and bought it cheap for that reason, but they are a really high strung motor and you need to treat it as such and expect to spend about 2 grand making it more reliable if the work hasn't already been done.
  15. I put about 1500 trouble-free miles on an '07 SXV550 that was done right by Allen Noland, then made the mistake of selling the bike. I sure miss my high-strung Italian mistress...
  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, 1500 miles?!? :roll:
  17. My best modification was a new seat. 1500 miles on the stocker and I would have sold it, too.
  18. Read all the fear-mongering posts about the SXV and you will find 1500 miles appears to be quite a few.

    Here, let me explain it so you may be able to understand it better:

    You can have 50,000 "dates" with your wife over a period of decades, or you can have 1500 "dates" with a hot, ravishing, demanding, fiery and high strung fine Italian mistress. Is it the quality or quantity you desire? :popcorn:
  19. The sxv case sealant used on the 2007 motors is an unlucky decision by Aprilia. If you catch the orange sealant before the material loses it's integrity...the fix is simple(for some). Coincidentally the '07 cases are the best, and most sought after for those rebuilding a motor.

    Allen Noland is a top notch XV mechanic and a good friend. He is currently building a race bike for me. I also purchased one of my race bikes directly from Amauri as well. In my opinion, if you have a properly set up xv you will greatly diminish your chances of having problems. The bikes are animals.

    There is also a very knowledgable XV guru in the Washington area. He can set your TPS etc, along w/ diagnose any problem you may have very efficiently. There are a few of us worldwide that have a diagnostic cable specifically made for the xv motor w/ racing in mind. Hundreds of mapping options to pick from when using the cable and software. Pm me if you need assistance for anything xv related and I'll be glad to help.
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