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Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by streetrod, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Mounting rear sportbike tire by hand.

    Have mounted numbers of dirt bike tires. Sport bike fronts are easy.

    The rear is a pain and I am unable to complete the job.

    Anyone in the Gresham area got a few minutes to show me the secret to levering the new tire on the rim?

    M y wife tried to help holding one lever while I leapfrogged the others.......this was not successful. I pressed one bead down to the center and worked the tire on the opposite edge. No luck on the few remaining inches.

    I stopped as I did not want to rip the bead.

    PS Used copious quantites of dish soap and wd40.

  2. if u are not able to find someone u could run to a bike shop and have them do it, i know motorcycle superstore is in clackamas and they could do it.

    so u cant get the tire on the rim the last few inches or the whole thing?
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  4. Been using the zip ties for 2 years now. Get the big ones you can release.
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