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Support PGP and Motorcycle Maintenance Meet 9/30/12

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Debi, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Yes boys and girls... Sept. 30th from 10 am to 4pm @

    PGP Motorsports Park
    31003 144th Avenue Southeast Kent, WA 98042
    (253) 639-7223

    I had a event there this past Saturday but due to the NHRA parking staff telling people the event was CANCELLED and PGP was being used for parking it caused vendors and guests to turn around so I am re planning this event but adding the Maintenance Meet as well.

    I will add vendors who will be there as they come in :mrgreen:

    So come on out, work on your bike, have some fun, check out local vendors, rent karts and well meet and get to know your track owners and workers, sign the petition, donations (if you want) and yes of course meet your local crazy supermoto racers. This is a FREE event. Karts of course will cost but to attend, work on your bike and have fun is free.

    I am also trying to line up a tire changer so we will see ;)

    (If you plan to do oil changes please bring your own oil and filter

    Hope to see a ton of you there.


    Pits will be bike parking only as it will be filled with vendors, race rigs and of course the maintenance area. So if you drive please park in the gravel

    Thank you
  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Silly Drag Racer types!

  3. finally you plan something on a Sunday :nana:nana

  4. Yep... I mean I like watching it but I wouldn't mess up another event that was going on near there just for parking... :tard:

    Hey now.... I listen see :mrgreen: besides.. there is a RACE next Sunday at Pat's so no excuses hehe :nana
  7. are you going to be making us sammiches?
  8. Ahhhh nope :nana.... but I am working on food for the event ;)
  9. Out. no way i would drive out there to see debi rotate the tires on her's just too SLOW!
  10. Yay Sunday!! Thanks Debi :D I will definitely be there!
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  11. Oh come on now... you know you want to play with it :nana Now... move back here :mfclap:

    anytime :mrgreen:
  12. Sunday! :mfclap:
    I'll be there!
  13. I do have a No-mar tire changer i can bring if anyone wants to use it. Id rather not spend the day changing other peoples tires, but others can help themselves
  14. In...

    I'll probably be exhausted by the end of the day after watching Brian and you work on my bike all afternoon. Not worry though, I'll bring a list and be sure to micro manage the both of you while sitting with Brian's girlfriend.
  15. Bump!!!! It's this sunday!!!!!
  16. Hrm, If I trailer the track bike down, think there will be someone that could help be safety wire it, and maybe get the rest of the bodywork on? (I'd rather ride the CBR down, but I need to get this done.)

    I might have to do a session or two on the karts too, since I'm there.... I'll bring the GoPro if anyone wants to do a race.
  17. Since I will most likely be doing nothing, I can help you get the body work on. I have no experience with safety wiring though...
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