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Suzuki Getting Serious in GP?

Discussion in 'Racing' started by DGA, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

  2. Somebody's got to give those CRTs hope for keeping up with a GP bike...



  3. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    I still don't get the CRT running with the GP bikes, besides wanting to fill up the grid.
  4. I disagree with Derpy-hooves; someone has to put a factory bike on the grid that Ducati can keep up with. :stir::popcorn:

    Nah really. Thats a cool looking bike, and new technology is good for everyone.
  5. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    C'mon now, Duc's are pretty competative with themselves.

    Especially when we get a cross plane GSXR that actually makes some power (looking at you R1).
  6. I've pretty much stopped watching motogp, the only racing is for 4th. Moto2 on the other hand is damn entertaining and I'm sure Moto3 is too if we could get it here. That said I hope Suzuki steps up. Anything to make what's supposed to be the premier racing class watchable.
  7. I would like to see a successful comeback for Suzuki. Mostly because the grid is really getting thinned out. Being competitive is easier said than done though..
  8. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Real question is - will they race full time in '13?
    And who will they sign? Hayden?
  9. Bring back The Hopper!
  10. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Manufacturer suicide.
  11. Infinite random track variation: Rolling chicanes!

    But seriously, it's just dumb.
  12. Rossi!
  13. I agree. But I watched the last Moto3 on Direct TV (speed channel) and it was a barn burner, dam good race.:mfclap:
  14. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    It'll be Team Rossi in '13 running a leased but factory spec M1 or RCV.
  15. Maybe they can get Bautista back, so he can crash every race again! It's just not the same without him being on a Factory bike.

    /next time take out Stoner...
  16. I'm looking forward to seeing Suzuki back on the grid.
  17. I want to see kawi on the grid damnit! :rant

    Not to derail the OP but, WTF is Colin Edwards doing and why is he still in motogp?

    Now to stay on topic, nice bike. Hopefully it's enough to play with the big 2 (yami/honda).
  18. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    I just mentioned this in another forum.

    He had a sorta scathing tweet about his POS bike right before the race.

    Not sure what he expected.

    Time to head to WSB. He'd get a competitive bike/team no doubt. Probably a decent paycheck too.
  19. I doubt he would get more for last place in WSB.
  20. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Highly doubt he'd be in last place in wsb.
    Look at biaggi. Colin did pretty well when he had a decent bike (M1).
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