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Suzuki intruder vs800 rebuild

Discussion in 'Projects' started by ReubenRocket, May 19, 2012.

  1. I just started work on a 1996 Suzuki intruder VS800. The cosmetics are in decent shape, but the rear rod bearing on the crank is toast.
    The thing is now in pieces in my garage, but I need to split the crankcase, which requires some of those wonderful specialty tools.
    If anyone knows where I can rent or borrow a flywheel (rotor) puller 50x1.5mm and a crankcase splutter in the Portland/Vancouver area, I would be very greatful.
    Aside from the bearing, I am planning on honing the cylinders, installing new rings, and taking care of some cosmetic stuff (mostly cleaning, polishing, painting) while I wait for parts to come in the mail.
    Also looking to replace the stock turn indicators with something that is a little nicer looking.

    I welcome any advice/input on the project!

  2. My first thought after reading this is why.
    When all is said and done you still have a intruder.

  3. Thanks for your help and support. Is this what I can expect from members of this forum?
  4. No, he's just having a bad hair day.crackup: (avatar)
    To each his own I say. But some may think it's a lot of work for a scoot you could fine petty cheap. Or find a busted bike with a good motor and do the swap?
    Is it your long lost love?, freebie?, or something along those lines?
    I know a guy that has a horrible 80's GS 1000 shaft drive:puke: and he'll never get rid of it cuz it was "pop's", so more power to him.

    P.S. We like pics. Most say "no pics, it didn't happen"!
  5. There ain't nothing wrong with them old Intruders. These other dudes are just jealous! I sent you a pm on some information.

  6. I got it cheap and I wanted a project to keep me busy. I like color, the way it looks and how it feels when I hop on. Its my first motorcycle, but not my first engine project. I am looking forward to taking it for a spin. Folks that have them seem to be pretty happy with the performance and reliability. Here is a pic for you.
  7. Nope.
  8. KevinD

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  9. KevinD

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    (Copy & paste the IMG code from Photobucket...)
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  10. Good, you have the pic thing down. Now get out there and get something done! :thefinge:That's what I'm about to do on my 900.

    Keep us posted.
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