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Sweet Jesus!

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by ashfoot, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Dang! You guys sure have some nice roads down there!

    It was really nice to meet a bunch of you on the ride Saturday and sorry I had to jet a little early (had to get back up to P-Town by 6 ya know). But I did have a couple memories surface when I used to visit my grandmother who lived in Corvallis.

    Sorry for the UO sticker :roll: Next time I'll bring a different helmet crackup:

  2. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

    God I love that Red/white scheme on the R1 Looks like you had awesome weather :spoton:
  3. Great pics! Looks like a good time :)

    But why was everyone giving the poor Daytona the Stink-Eye? Did it do something naughty???
  4. Na lol, it's Mel's new bike and everyone had to check it out haha.
  5. Ya! It was great weather! Didn't look like it when I left Beaverton at 8:30 in the morning. The roads were wet and there was a light misting but then as soon as I got onto 217 it stopped and by the time I hit I-5 to head down there the hwy was completely dry! Sun came out as soon as I hit Corvallis :) Great timing!
  6. It was nice meeting you as well! I can say I wasn't aware of giving anything the stink eye, but there was an unfamiliar bright yellow thing in the sky casuing lots of squinting lol
  7. Good meeting you! And nice pics thanks! Hope you got to Portland in time, traffic was no fun on 20!
  8. Ya, that sun was blinding!

    Really? You hit traffic on 20? It was pretty much wide open for me! A few cars I got stuck behind but nothing that two clicks down and some throttle couldn't fix :evil4:
  9. You were following me lol, and it got better yes but through at least half way we were stuck lol
  10. OOooo, well why didn't you SAY that lol. Come up to Portland, I can show you some real traffic lol. That was nothing.

    When we were behind them in the curves I would forget you would want to wait a bit so the cars could go and so we could go faster there. I was preoccupied with the scenery which is why I'd come up next to you haha.
  11. oh no worries, i didnt even think about it, people riding close to me doesnt bug me in the least
  12. haha, you looked over and to me looked like you were saying, "What the hell are you doing..." I was trying to give the *I'm sorry* look LOL
  13. Haha that always awkward first ride with someone new where you have no idea their comfort level. You would drop back a bit sometimes so I didnt know if you didn't want to go that pace, lol It takes more than riding close to make me go wtf. btw I noticed your signature on the pics, is it okay with you for me to post a few on Facebook?
  14. Haha, I know what you mean. I can mostly keep up but I was also trying to figure out your riding and didn't want to get too close in case you did something unexpected. I usually tell people, if you want to pass a car, do it, I'll pass at my leisure and that usually works but I forgot to mention it before we headed out lol.

    And ya that's cool, you can put them up. I've also put them up on Fbook but I don't have everyone as a friend which is why I also posted them here. Have at em!
  15. there was a ride saturday ?
  16. Looks like I missed a great ride, and yes I miss the roads there!
  17. I feel like I saw the gal in the white scorpion jacket this last sunday just outside of salem. Not sure if it is the same person, but it's kind of a distinct jacket. Passed a lady and a man, she was on a green looked like a ninja and the guy was on a blue something if I remember correctly.
  18. Nope, she rides a maroon cruiser. I think it's a Kawi Intruder.

    Yes Anna, you missed out on some fun times, and we would hope you miss more than just the roads :p
  19. Looks like some of those guys are WAY too OLD to be riding. Just sayin.
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