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Talk about your off-season training

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by liv4thekill, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. liv4thekill

    liv4thekill Mr. Lexus

    So what have you done to get into shape for this season?

    Lost any weight?

    Been to the gym?



    Beer, porno & steroids?

    Tried any interesting supplements?


    Down from 185 to 160lbs (target is 155)
    weights/cardio 4x / week
    calorie-restricted diet 6x / week
    4+ hrs mountainbiking / week
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  2. dirt bikes, and especially atv's

    Ride a fast quad hard (mx style)and you'll be suprised the conditioning from it

    mt biking is great for the lungs/heart too

  3. Fatter than ever and looking forward to the season.
  4. Running

    Moutaing Biking (when i dont break my bike) it's been good times andrew

    Physical therapy


    Taking osteo bi flex

    ... that's about it... and it's not for racing conditioning, it's personal enjoyment :)
  5. 6'1" 165lbs been doing the 12oz curl all winter.
  6. I try and lift and play basketball 3x a week. I'm 6'0" and about 223 right now. I used to do the supplement thing but I've found it a big waste of $$$. Whey protein, glutamine, creatine....most not worth it. Creatine there's a small benefit but it made me feel so bloated. I just went a natural high protein diet and my bench still hovers around 335. I'd rather just mow down on eggs & bacon instead of spend $50 a tub on whey.
  7. switched from beer to root beer and crown royal(its good everyone should try it)...that is all
  8. I'm eating prob less than half, what I used to, which was ALOT......more balanced. And started jogging 5 days a week last monday.......1 mile/day last week, 2 miles this week........I feel much better already. No idea on weight I dont have a scale........down a notch on the ol belt.......JOhn
  9. I think you misspelled it.
  10. Fuck right off. I've got ankle fat that weighs more than you.
  11. Gym aerobic work out. I don't care about lifting weights as that doesn't make a difference for riding the motorcycle.

    I also ride my motorcycle every damn day there isn't snow or ice on the ground.
  12. :sex: :3some: whips: Sure seems to keep the weight off.
  13. not necessarily in shape for this season, but just in shape in general, for bikes and for snowboarding :)

    gym 4-5x a week started in jan, including lots of kickboxing, cardio and yoga
    eating healthier and eating less
    down 8lbs, targeting a bunch more
    body fat is down, and i fit some old jeans today :) yay progress!

    ps: saw you at the gym today andrew but you were busy steppin' away!
  14. liv4thekill

    liv4thekill Mr. Lexus

    Yep, having that little Creative Zen with me makes it easy to do 45min. of cardio w/o going insane from boredom. Last night I was watching Matrix Reloaded & the Eli E. race vid that Mr. Sunshine has. Tonight it was Preadator.

  15. No kidding. Even if I stopped lifting I highly doubt I'd drop below 210. I keep many loaded guns for when we get raided by carnivorous aliens.
  16. Nothing specific for riding. Spinning at 24Hour three times a week. Some weights and calisthenics. Start commuting by bicycle as soon as the time changes. Will do some exercises to help relieve riding wrist pain.
  17. Dirt bikes baby! yeah huh!!!

    any excersise will help, but I'm lazy so I dirt bike which gives a good workout!
  18. On the mountain bike 4 to 5 days a week...trying to eat better. Losing some inches but still have a long way to go. Leg strength and stamina has improved for sure.

    Sucks having a desk job...easy to put on weight.
  19. Would you like me to point how you couldn't possibly be more wrong? :thefinge:
  20. Then that WAS you I saw @ Pro Club kick boxing the other day. :ninja:
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