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Taste of the Track

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Optimum Performance Rider Training, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. New from OPRT!

    Come join us at The Ridge on 9/27 for a taste of the track. $20 gets you a 20 minute session over the lunch hour. If you like it and decide to stay, it's only $80 to ride the rest of the day.

    Space is limited. Sign up at
  2. Cool idea! Not sure I can make it down on that date though...


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  4. Pretty sure I might possibly make out for the whole day, maybe.
  5. Is this geared towards anybody?
    Is this geared towards people who have never ridden the track before?

    Are you using registration as a guidline to tell you if someone has ever ridden on the track before?
    This was always a carrott on the stick for NESBA when they did this. Got lot's of new people hooked, but they had never been on the track before.

    Will the Taste of Track be a seperate session?
  6. ...uh... Yes?

    It's geared towards the person who has never ridden on the track but that shouldn't dissuade that person from signing up for a full day. We've been able to cater to the track newbie very well. This is an opportunity for someone who is not sure if they will enjoy a full day. Kind of a try it before I buy it.

    On the 27th, we will be purchasing additional time from the track and run later than normal. As such, it will free up a lunch hour for a staff break and corner worker swap. The taste of the track will occur for one session over our lunch break.
  7. Are you reading this thread thinking "I bet that is a lot of fun, but I don't have a suit" or.. " I bet that's a lot of fun but I am pretty new to riding and can't do that" ???

    If you need some gear to wear for the session, just ask, you will have people loan you whatever you need to make it happen.

    If you are afraid you aren't "good enough" yet to try the track, let me try to convince you that riding your bike from the driveway of your home to the store and back requires as much skill and is substantially more risky than what you will experience if you attend this session. I am not lying or exaggerating.. Give it a try. You will have a whole new world open up to you that you never would have believed possible on a motorcycle.
  8. [​IMG]

    The track calleth. There's only one thing that got me to pretty much give up riding on the street and it was riding on the track.

    Think about that. How awesome is riding on the street, right? It's rad but some of us actually give it up because something else is EVEN MORE RAD. Of course, if you do keep riding on the street more power to you... more skills too! I'm stealing this description from Marietta Motorsports.

    In simplest terms:

    What is a track-day: A place to ride your motorcycle in a safe, controlled, monitored, environment with safety personnel on stand by .

    What a track day is NOT: a race and / or a place to explore the absolute limits of your riding.

    But what does that really mean and why am I even writing this? Because of the following conversation that happens a lot here at the shop:

    Me: “You should come to our track day!”

    Guy / gal with nice street bike: “I can’t go to the track! I’m not a racer!” or “I’ll crash!” or “I don’t have a track bike. “Or “I don’t have race plastic.”

    Me: “Ughhh…. Aren’t you about to head up to the mountains right now?!”

    What if I phrased it like this:

    Me: “Hey wanna go ride with me this weekend? I know this awesome road about an hour from here. It’s super twisty! You can follow me around and we’ll ride well within our limits. Get this too: It’s one-way so there’s never any oncoming traffic; they actually clean and maintain this section of road (never oil on it or dust); for some weird reason they’ve moved back all the mail boxes, telephone poles, guard rails and trees back. Also this road doubles back on itself fairly quickly so you’ll get used to hitting the same curves over and over again and will find a favorite one fast! PLUS I’ve never seen a cop on it AND for some weird reason there’s the people that stand about every 200 yards with radios waiting to call an ambulance that hangs out at the beginning of the road just in case something happens!”

    Tell me you wouldn’t want to go ride that road with me all day long! And at the end of that day you’ll know your limits and the limits of that bike inside and out! You’ll be prepared for nearly anything! THATS WHAT A TRACK DAY IS!
  9. Nice. Great idea. It's always a good thing when there are cheap incentives to get people on the track for the first time.

    Where is that like button?
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    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

    damn it , I knew I shouldn't have tried that
  12. Let's call this taste in the track?
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