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TDM850 market... is there one? lol. Strictly hypothetical. srsly.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Red Label Moto, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Remember this thing? Only sold here a few years. 20 years old they are now. Assume you were looking a decent running bike with 35k and some rough edges.

    Do you suppose it would be worth a couple grand if we were talking about a real bike?

    Picture something like this, but, ummm, not as spanky.

  2. Dragon Rider

    Dragon Rider Post Whore (In Training)

    2 maybe, 3 no.

    more towards 3 if it wasn't using oil.

  3. Thats good info thanks. I heard rumor of 1/2 qt consumed every 1k miles hmmm.
  4. There was one for sale down here last year .. at beaverton honda motorycles dealer .. with aftermarket farkles and about the same miles in decent/good condition.... i think it was 2k-3k
  5. I remember reading about em. Odd bike sold to odd people but they really seemed to like it.
    Don't recall any bad press on em.
    They said the RC's used a lot of oil too. What do "they" know?:scratchea
    I'd ride that thing.:evil4:
  6. Precursor to the V_Strom type bikes. I have no idea why they never sold well. Very cool little bikes. The parallel twin make the best noises, too. Oil consumption isn't a big deal. Many engines do it, as long it isn't being deposited somewhere near the tires.
  7. Over Racing out of Japan worked with these motors quite a bit.

    Same motor used in this TRX
  8. I was looking at one of these a few years ago ($1800 with around 15,000 miles IIRC) for an everyday rider. I kinda left in a huff after the seller told me it would walk away from my Ducati 748. Kinda wish I'd just blown that off and got the bike anyway. I'd like to find another like that for sure.
  9. There is one that I keep seeing on the Island - Had to Google it to figure it out!!
    Thought is was a WEE-Strom until I got close enough to see Yamaha on the side!!
    Kinda odd noise on acceleration though - then again I am used to my OWN soundtrack.
  10. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Never ridden the TeDiuM, but I rented a TRiXy850 in Oz and wasn't impressed. My first year SV650 was quicker and a better handler.
  11. Well, SOMEONE thinks there's a market for them:

    This is a 1992 Yamaha TDM 850. This is a collector bike and in prime condition. New Battery, Serviced regularly. Recent oil change and brake/clutch fluid service. Starts right up, runs excellent, no bad habits, comes with luggage package (can be easily taken off), Corbin seat, and is set up for a WarmJacket if you have one (jacket with a 12V heater in it). There is nothing wrong with this. I am selling to fund an RV Project. $3700 OBO. It is rare to find this one for sale, and when you do, it is never in the popular red. Any questions or interest, please reply to this email or call 509-697-four four 38. Appreciated.

    Don't know about the asking price, though. :scratchea
  12. I have a friend that put 45k or so on one. Great bike
    I got to ride one in Scotland, it was an absolute hoot.
    A little dated now though...
  13. I bought one last December for 2000- owned by a guy who worked at Bon Lanphiers in good shape for 2 Grand- I have put about 700 into it mostly
    DS tires
    Luggage (the mounts are 300, the boxes I got for 250 off ADV rider used)
    new Thermo
    oil/ filter and such
    seat recovering (old owner lowered the seat, I jacked it back up)

    It is a GREAT bike. handles road and gravel well (mud not so much). Easily the equal of the 4-5K$ GLs I was comparing it too.

    When I got the shocks redone, the shop "test" drove it about 60 miles. . . so they must have liked it too! crackup:

    I would say bare 2 Grand seemed about right, plus the farklings....

    Downsides are the fact the battery (and a lot of other stuff) is under the tank so get good at stripping the bike to do routine MTC.

    Thermo housing is kind of an afterthought- It can be tricky to get it to not leak

    lack of an oil pressure idiot light kinda sucks... and you have to take the seat off to check the oil level

    Lack of a centerstand....

    But all in all a great bike- check out carpe TDM for info.

    So far (for me) parts havent been an issue. cycle gear carries the oil filter, and Bobs can get all the parts I need in a few days.



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