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Team Oregon Re-Test Procedure Questions

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Jenjee, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Has anyone had to take a re-test on the riding skills test? (If you'll admit it) I just have a couple questions. Yup, I failed, by two points. I was extremely nervous and blew it on the cone weave and sharp right turn and some other minor infractions here and there, like not going fast enough around the curve. No excuses, I really didn't do well on the test, even though I'd been doing the same exercises successfully prior.

    I've been practicing like crazy and hope to take my own bike in if I can find someone to bring it, if not however, do they let you do a few laps before the test to get a feel for the bike? Also, I could've sworn we went to the right of the first cone but all the info online says it's to the left. I am using tennis balls cut in half to create my own weave (I got that idea from this forum when I was googling which is what brought me here, thanks).

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help! It seems like you have a great community here.
  2. Its pretty obvious which side to go, and its going to be based on how they set it up. If you start on the left and you are supposed to go to the right you pretty much will be doing a straight line down the middle, If you go the right way then you will be "weaving"

    I'm sure if you get there early they will let you do some warm up just let them know.

    If it were me i suggest using the TW200's if they have them. Monster tires and if you keep the revs up the bike pretty much keeps itself up.

    Use their bikes...Makes it easier and one less hassle for them(showing up for a re test and then having to inspect the guys bike) Make it easy for yourself and them :)

    Also stay calm. If they didn't pull you to the side during the instruction then you pretty much passed there, if the test has you getting nervous just have FUN. Loosen up and try to talk to people. If you are not having fun in the test then riding wont be much different. Instead of cones you have people on cell phones running you off the road on a daily basis.

    tl;dr Relax next time, take their TW200 and try to have FUN! Keep your head up AND TURN YOUR HEAD IN A TURN FFS it will make everything easier.

  3. Thanks for the help. The instructor suggested I bring my own bike in for the re-test but I see your point on making it easier on them... Especially since Team Oregon had to get two instructors in on a Sunday to re-test me. I was told I had 60 days at class to take it again but when I called they had one opening left before the season ends and it was a date I have to be out of town.

    They basically said I was screwed and had to take the class again in Spring but then were able to make an exception because they'd cancelled the original class I was signed up for (which would've given me more time to re-test). So I'm probably already going to have some unhappy instructors showing up.
  4. Biggest thing to try and remember while doing the re-test is to not tense up. Stay loose as the other person mentioned. If you tense up, you're more prone to making mistakes. Think positive rather than criticizing yourself during the process, look where you want to go (even if its just the weave, use those eyes!), and stay relaxed, you'll do well. Good luck.
  5. couple of things:

    item) You will never have unhappy instructors show up at a Team Oregon course. We all love our job, and take great pride in doing it.

    item) Yes, you will have an opportunity to warm up before the evaluation starts.

    item) Psyching yourself out and being nervous will almost certainly cause you problems, both in the evaluation, and out on the street. You know how to do it, so stop stressing about it, take a deep breath, and just do it.
  6. Just relax and visualize how you want it to go down.

    Listen to the instructions. They will tell you which direction to begin the weave (Left).

    & it might not be they you didn't go fast enough around the curve, but not fast enough in the straight between the curves. Using 2nd gear in that straight is OK.
    (although maybe I shouldn't assume that OR & WA tests are the same)

    Good Luck!
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  7. Thanks, Damien, and you're right: the instructors I had were so enthusiastic and it really showed. I thought both of them were great! I'm also relieved I'll be able to warm up. In this kind of situation though, where you're already making an exception for a student to come in on a day off, would you prefer they ride one of your bikes?

    Buckwheat- yeah I was in second and that's a possibility. I'll make sure to get up to the 15-20 recommended since I think the whole thing was timed, not just the curve. I also was practicing with second gear on the cone weave (they told us to try both and see which one we liked better and I preferred second) but because we started out so close to the cones on the actual test, I was doing it in first. I'm practicing in first only, now so I hope that helps as well.

    Thanks to the rest of you as well with your advice. The instructor said my fear was really obvious at first, but I seemed to be having fun by the end of the class (he was right). My nervousness is a big problem when testing but like Husa said, it'll be worse on the road in traffic. I plan to spend winter riding around side streets by my house, weather permitting, and it'll be months before I really hit the real road. I'm not in a hurry, but I do want that endorsement so I can ride around the neighborhood (legally) to practice.
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  8. Great video! Thanks, I wish I'd watched this before, once I screwed up the cone weave, which was first, I was shaken and thinking I'd already failed. He has some good advice. But those poor cones!
  9. Great advice from everyone, and I do like the video. Not only breathe at the beginning but loosen your shoulders. Do some shoulder shrugs as you're waiting, and even while you're moving if you feel comfortable doing it. Keeping loose up top helps to allow the motorcycle to move, you're less likely to constrict it.

    Good luck. (Most instructors are there because they love what they do. So don't worry about it.)
  10. Probably too late now, but if it's not... It really doesn't matter to me. Either I have to go through the effort of inspecting your bike and insurance info, or I have to go through the effort of loading and unloading bikes out of and into the storage shed. About the same either way.
  11. So are you re-taking the test in the near future? I may be able to help you transport your bike depending when you are testing next.
  12. Thanks, Hohme! I actually just took it, I was able to find someone to bring my bike down. So... I wouldn't say I passed with flying colors by any means, but I did pass. :happy:

    I've been practicing that cone weave ad nauseum and I did it perfectly, no points missed there. Unfortunately, I realized I didn't practice anythign else so my braking was a little touchy, especially with the Ninja's super sensitive brakes. Still made it through though.

    So I'll be riding back and forth to work probably for a year before I actually ride in traffic. Work is less than a mile away and all side streets in residential neighborhoods which will get me more used to riding and the bike without killing myself or anyone else.
  13. Congrats!:thumblef: Keep the rubber side down!
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