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Team Oregon....

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by 95gst16g, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Well guys it's almost time for me to take this bullshit team Oregon just want to get it over so I can legaly ride.I start my classes this friday the 26th,just 3 days of classes. I cant wait for it to get nice out....That is if I can pass.....haha
  2. Oh yeah a109driver....Perfect question for you considering you live in warrenton and you fly....I think? How exactly do you get to the airport cafe?Is that just the airport?So far I got go across the bridge drive down to the end of the road les schwab is on and take a left.Thats as far as I know.If you can help me with directions that would be awesome.thanks.

  3. After passing Les Schwab you come to the stop sign and make a left (like you said above). Go immediately to the left turn lane (about 100 feet) and turn left again. There are some small signs there for the airport. You'll drive about a mile and make another left just past the Coast Guard Air Station. There should be signs there for the airport cafe and the terminal building. It looks like you're pulling into Lektro's parking lot with the two huge hangars. After you drive past the Lektro hangars, you will see the cafe parking lot up ahead on the right. You wont be able to go any farther. The cafe parking lot is the end of the road.
  4. I just got done with mine this last weekend. The first day on the course is pretty boring, how to move the bike, using clutch and stuff like that. The second day has some really good information and you get to pick the brains of people that have been riding for a long time and really know their stuff.

    Nice to see another DSMer on the forum. Ive got a 95tsi with a evoIII that is slowly getting put together.
  5. Haha I have heard that it is really gay like they teach you how to use a clutch for like a hour....How long were the days?I HATE DSMS!lol Dude my car was perfect had it tuned at english last summer then I had a cam install go wrong bent vales and everything is just going downhill.It is slow as hell and runs like crap.I have really neglected it latley.I just hate how it costed me so much and it is always needing more money pumped into it.I think I might start working on it again this summer.Also I am on like every dsm forum/ecmlink forum.later
  6. Team Oregon is primarily for new riders. You don't have to take it, you can just take the DMV testing. I took it in 07 with zero riding experience and also got to laugh my ass off at a guy who'd been riding for years, rode his Harley there, then failed the class. Had a real shitty attitude too.

    The first night will just be class, then expect full days for the next two. each day will be half class/half course. The first day on the course will be boring for you and class will feel like minutes turning to hours, but if you have fun with it it'll go quick. Just don't pull any hooligan shit on the course, they'll kick you outtah the class and you'll loose your $$$ same goes for class, be there early. Not sure how they do it there, but in here, the class instructors made it very clear that class starts a "x" time and the door locks.

    Twisties4me is an instructor, great person and phenomenal rider, PM him if ya have any questions, I'm sure he'd be happy to help.

    Hope ya get good weather for your class, they do it rain or shine!
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  7. Thatnks.It will probably be raining....But yeah,I have to take the class.I'm only 20 and you have to be 21 to take it at the dmv.I am always early I get to work a hour early lol I would be pissed if I was a little late and I failed because of it.I am not a morning person at all but I am going to have to make an exeption.....I am going to have to get up at like 5am and thats usually when I go to bed....It's going to suck.
  8. yeah I had to get up early too, and I'm in the same boat...early mornings fucking suck!!! Just shot-gun an energy drink or two. Take some rain gear and layer up if ya half to.

    Don't do any partying (if you do) on that weekend, the last day will wear ya out, you'll be on the course more than half the day running drills and obstacles, listen carefully to the instructors and follow their directions to a "T"

    Good Luck!
  9. Thank you,and yes thank god for rockstars!That was already my plan haha I Party during the week the weekend is for jk.Good luck with your DIZZUM!You are going to need it.haha
  10. :scratchea wha?
  11. Hahaha,scratch that......I meant the other guy that posted before you :) I'm a idiot
  12. That looks so dumb lol The things I am most sketchy about is A.Waking up B.Riding one of the bikes they have.haha I am pretty excited to go because I want to be able to ride when it is nice out like today...
  13. Psssst. . ;) Check it, yo! <----- CLICK HERE

    It says this...
  14. Really?:roll:

    Pay attention and you might just learn something that will save your life.
  15. yeah, I know...what i didn't know at the time of my post was his age. :mrgreen:
  16. Yes,I know you are probably right. But you know how it is when you have a bike. You want toroode it! I was pretty much calling it bullshit because if I didn't have to take it I could have rode a month ago....I hear it is a good class and I will be all ears when I take it.I hope to learn something for $180!lol
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