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Technical Question Game

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Speed_Demon, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Answer the question correctly then ask one of your own. I'll start it off.

    Why do most manual transmission vehicles whine in reverse?
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  2. ecotechjosh

    ecotechjosh Cavalier Champion!

    because reverse gear is a spur cut unlike your forward gears which are helical cut. The whining is caused because a spur gear has straight teach as opposed to the helical gears which have helically cut. This allows the idler gear to make your car go backwards....

    Next Question;

    What car actually uses a muffler bearing?

  3. Some cars use bearings in flaps in the muffler to change flow. Example BMW e36, some mercedes cars, and the african built toyota yaris. Is this right? I won't ask a question until I know I'm right.
  4. ecotechjosh

    ecotechjosh Cavalier Champion!

    Nope the car has a part actually known as a Muffler bearing :)
  5. Is it the junction in an old VW exhaust?
  6. ecotechjosh

    ecotechjosh Cavalier Champion!

    Very good :) On the VW Baja it was a junction that allowed water drainedge haha because the exhaust tip stuck up at a verticle angle which allowed alot of water to get into it when it rained hehehehe
  7. Alright then here I go. Do valve clearances tighten or loosen between valve adjustments?
  8. Motorcycle or Car? Most cars are self adjusting and use roller rockers so no clearance is serviceable.
    Motorcycle most of the time the clearances become loose and that is the tapping you hear. But I have on some occasions seen tight exhaust valves. Not exactly sure why, I heared at MMI that the exhaust valve shims grow due to heat, but did not make since, more like the shim was to tall and set up to tight in the first place.

    How long should a sportbike tire be ridden on before being changed? and what are wear bars?
  9. Sorry rider X but in normal conditions clearances tighten as the valve wears and pushes against the valve seat. I forgot to mention hydraulic lifters not applicable because they are not use in motorcycles today. My bad for asking a car question first.

    You should replace your tire if is either down to the wear bars or reached its heat cycle limit or of course is damaged or cracked.

    Why do two strokes typically put out more hp than four strokes of the same displacement?
  10. oak

    oak At Banned Camp

    no loss cycle as there's a pumping loss in the otto cycle motor. two strokes pop every 360 degrees per cyclinder... ottos pop every 720 per cylinder resulting in a reciprocating loss on the exhaust stroke.

    what's the name of a rotary (wankel) motor's equivalent to a crankshaft?
  11. A wankel has a crankshaft and is called a crankshaft. Hmmm.... Are you talking about the rotor?
  12. why does ethanol produce more horsepower than gasoline, if octane is left out of the equation
  13. more btu's?
  14. oak

    oak At Banned Camp

    no. i'm talking about the shaft the rotor rides on that transfers the rotational force of the rotor to the transmission.

    it's not called a crankshaft.
  15. oak

    oak At Banned Camp

    higher rate of thermal expansion during combustion.

    i thought this was a "answer one THEN ask one forum"?
  16. yes it is

    was that the question?
  17. wrong, lol well was speeddemons answer correct, if it was then u can ask a damn question
  18. Oak,

    is it an output shaft?
  19. eccentric shaft, give or take on the spelling
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