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Texting while driving

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by GS1200, May 24, 2012.

  1. Is a bad idea. Show this to your wife and kids, it could save their lives.

  2. survivors?

    I think I can see an arm sticking out?

  3. Saw a girl on the freeway today, steering with her knees, in the fast lane while using both hands to text. I shoulda hit her with the air horn just to leave an impression and scare her out of being stupid.
  4. Thats EXACTLY when I hit the horn!
  5. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    iphone 4s ftw! Siri works great.
  6. While were thinking about it.

  7. I really hate when my driving interferes with my texting.
  8. done it on my bike... no big deal
  9. A friend of mine got pulled over by SPD for honking at some bitch who was texting while driving. What bullshit. Not cited, warned by the cop to reserve the horn for emergencies? AYFKM?

    Nice going Seattle. Way to get your enforcement arm on board with the new distracted driver initiative. Pussys.
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  10. oh yeah thats an arm :) :devil:

    i see his head smooshed ...... look at the second handle on the back door from the left on the trailer .. see that flesh colored thingy with blood dripping down from it hels yeah

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  11. I saw a similar wreck on the Lewiston grade in the mid 90's, not from texting though. Someone blew by us in a little Accord like we were standing still. Halfway down, at the big bend, we rolled up on the accident. Absolutely horrific. I'm guessing it was over quick, but man what a violent way to go.
  12. pjd

    pjd Moderator Staff Member


    Hoping part of my eulogy includes these words. Better than wasting away in some hospital bed somewhere.
  13. I was next to a text-er today at a traffic signal while on my Ducati. I rolled over next to her and knocked on her window. Once I got her attention I gave her the no-no sign. She rolls her window down and I took the opportunity to tell her that is because of people like you that people like me get killed. She went ballistic. It was like her right to text despite the laws. When the light changed she shot ahead and made tow lane changes without signaling and of course we ended up exactly next to each other at the next signal. We travel among jerk drivers.
  14. Riding motorcycles has made me hate drivers.
  15. wow, incredibly powerful. Really got me after I heard the little kid (that just happen to sound a lot like my daughter) saying "Mommy Daddy wake up!".
  16. Is texting while driving any different than eating hard shell tacos while driving? Texting doesn't kill people, dumbshits kill people. Doing anything that distracting while driving puts you, your passengers, and anyone around you in danger. I've been dangrously rear ended by distracted drivers. Maybe we should have a distracted driving law rather than anti-texting? Just sayin'.
  17. I've seen people reading books, fixing their make-up/hair, turned completely around fussing with something in the back seat, fucking with their cell phone, eating and on and on. Do you, or anyone else, really think a law can be written that will force people to take driving/riding seriously?
  18. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear UK has the right idea. He said the reason people text while driving is because the speeds are too slow, which leads to people getting bored and allows them to focus on other things. If all of the speed limits were 185 MPH, then no one would be able to do anything else but focus on driving. <--- Agreed.
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