Thanks Brian. Great service from FS2!

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    Hi all,
    I took my VFR to PIR last Monday to visit Brian for a simple adjustment. I took advantage of PSSR running a track day and rode the VFR for two sessions before seeing Brian. I then took it to Brian for his inexpensive setup service as everyone said the fee he charges is well worth it. It was a challenge for me because I always do my own work and tend not to let others work on my bikes. Then Tom Young pushed his bike in and asked for Brian to set it up. That was humbling.
    Well, while he was setting me up he highly recommended I change out my fork springs while I was there. I definetly felt Brain was upselling me. In fact, he was.
    I mentioned it to him and he stated he was and that I would thank him for it if I returned to the track and tested the difference. He was right! What a great improvement and worth every penny. I am glad he was so convincing. He was so convincing because he was so confident. He was so confident because he is so expereinced. I highly recommned Fluid Suspension Science and will now be scheduling 3 more of my bikes for suspension upgrades.
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