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The Big Daddy loop IMHO

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by paneuro98, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. wound up the summer season with a ride I consider the best/ most challenging day loop in So Oregon. Joe and I took off at 11.30 today (last minute plan) out to Galice then towards gold Beach the hard way via Bear camp rd with a side run up to Peavine lookout. 69 miles over the hill of mostly single lane, with a few dozen sunken grades and 16 gravel sections dodging a couple dozen raft shuttles coming the other way usually on our side in a corner. Mostly 15-30 MPH corners. From Agness to God beach, finally got the road work done and new pavement all the way in albiet still pretty fresh and slippery in the middle of the lanes. South of Gold Beach get off at Carpenterville cutoff and follow up into the coastal range for 20+ miles all 30MPH corners with beautiful views of the pacific. back on 101 thru Brookings then cutoff towards Jed Smith redwood park on 199. Follow the river on 199 past Cave Junction. You can take the old Oregon mtn rd cutoff to bypass the tunnel. South of Selma, theres a cutoff on the right to bypass Hayes hill before it goes down the hill. Nice, fresh pavement there and nicely banked corners for some peg dragging. Then on in to Grants Pass. 250 miles and 7 hrs including stops. Just doesnt get any better around here. Nonstop adrenaline and enough skill challenges for a lifetime. not to mention rivers, mountains, forests and the ocean. 90 to 58 degree temperature changes and sea level to 5000 foot elevation changes. a must do ride for me at least once every summer! :secret: Even got to swap with Joes new KTM 999 SuperDuke for a while, WOW!
  2. Sounds like fun. I'd like to find another way back from Selma to Medford withoug having to go through GP.

    My wife and I are riding over either tomorrow or Wed.

  3. If you go thru J Ville and Applegate on 238, turn left at the Provolt store and go past the Williams general store, Cedar Flat rd goes over the hill and turns into Upper Deer cr rd then comes out at Rays Market in Selma. NICE ride,little traffic all paved or you can turn left off Cedar flat onto Caves Camp rd and end up just below the Oregon Caves at Caves Hwy outside Cave Junction. Some gravel I believe. Peavine and Bear Camp rd is a must do for anyone living in the Rogue Valley area. Closed in the Winter tho. If I can do it on my ST1100, anybody can:roll:
  4. I did that on my R1! Such a fun road with amazing views, but it sucked when I came to the gravel areas. Definitely worth the ride into Gold beach though. Did that loop through Bear Camp, down 101, and onto hwy 199 into grants pass.
  5. shhhhhh......:secret:
  6. The best parts of that loop are the pevine turn off and carpenterville hywy and the hayes hill corkscrew.
    If you like the curvys. .........Joe
    KTM 990 superduke
    Suzuki gsxr 1000
    Aprilia RS 250
    DRZ 400 S ( built)
  7. Then again...I been riding dirt bikes for about 50 years and eat gravel with a side of dirt, mud and snow for breakfast :scared
  8. Went out today on the CRF450. Filled up at Griffin Creek Chevron, rode up Griffin Creek all the way over to Little Applegate. Ntr too sure how far it was, but with only 1.8 gallons of gas in the stock tank, I didn't think I could go too far.

    Great ride, saw a few wild birds, of course, and came hauling ass up on a Doe and her two fawns. The paved 7 miles of black top was a gas. Leaning, not quite dragging anything, but hauling ass.

    Now I need to work my way from Johns Peak to where the heck it ends up at.
  9. Yeah, any time on a CRF450 tarmac or dirt youre hauling the mail. Every one I've ridden could wheelie if you just think about it or sometimes when you don't. Is it an X or supermoto? Taking my Husky TE610 for a week long adventure ride with friends next month probably n cal and so oregon area. cant wait!
  10. Lets just say its not an "X" model.

    The wife and I headed for the coast this morning at 07:00. Got over to Crescent City after a wrong turn near Williams, had to back track to G.P, then off to the coast. Stopped at Paul and Baby, squeezed a set of really big and blue balls. Then we headed to Eureka for lunch at the Lost Coast Brewery. It was still pretty cold for the chick, @52 degrees. Decided to take 299 to Weaverville then 3 to Yreka. It took better then twice the time that way.

    Once we got to the summet, stopped at Callahans and put our jackets back on. It went from 99 to 68 degrees in about 15 minutes.

    12 hours and 500 miles of riding and our asses are really tired.
  11. Fish Hatchery Rd is the way to go. It is technically GP but better than going through town!
  12. Just did this ride a few weeks ago. Great route! I like Bear Camp rd, although those gravel sections suck!
  13. Sorry you got the wrong turn in Williams. Its pretty much a staight shot up Cedar Flat. Fish Hatchery is a good way to bypass GP too. Off 238 in Murphy, Take a left @ Southside rd or New Hope and will take you to Fish Hatchery rd which comes out 199 in Wilderville. Hope I didnt get cussed out too much. Just trying to point you towards a good ride :roll:
  14. Na the ride was fine. First time past Trinity Lake, darn nice looking place. Weaverville and all the other little towns were a nice ride too. No fires, but a whole lot of twisties, which I got tire of after a while. The straights let me haul ass to make up some time.

    When we hit I-5 the CHP was close, but he pulled over to pick up a log out of the road, too damn close for comfort.
  15. gonna do that great loop again tomorrow except backward this time ;start toward the coast on 199 ,hayes hill corkscrew then carpenerville hwy then bearcamp and pevine etc. on my gixxer this time instead of me superduke fun,fun ,fun.
  16. I live almost right at Hogs Creek boat ramp. I take the shortcut to gold beach run often. I sometimes take the enduro if I am coming back the same way. The gixx is better if I will be using 199.
    Post in advance on the next gold beach shortcut run. I check on here a couple of times a week. (or my phone number is on my contact info in my profile.)
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