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The latest from Erik Buell

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by GS1200, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. :popcorn:
    I'm interested to see what he comes up with.
    Not that I have anywhere near 20K for a bike but it's fun to watch.

  2. Sport bike bagger?? Hmmm....
  3. Ill have to pass for a few generations and till they bring the price down.
  4. At least he'll be keeping in true HD fashion: $20k price tag for $0.99 of performance.
  5. He should build a V-Rod killer and a direct competitor to the XR1200. The "faithful" wouldn't buy one, though.
  6. Mr. Buell has been very busy and is doing pretty well at the track this year.
  7. Go ERIK.....
  8. +1

    If I'm gonna spend $20k on a bike, it's going to say Ducati on it, not Bueller.
  9. "He’s getting a $20 million injection of foreign capital to fuel the launch from FirstPathway Partners of Milwaukee through the federal EB-5 program.
    The program provides U.S. residency and citizenship to foreigners who invest in American companies that create jobs."

    my government, the best money can buy.
  10. If (when) I get $20k for a new bike, I will gladly drop the cash on a US made bike as long as it's as good as the competition. Without the Harley baggage (pun intended), I believe they have a fighting chance.
  11. $20k is still better than the $40k he's currently charging.

    However, Panigale/S1000RR price means it has to have the performance to back it up. EBR's doing well in AMA, but not well enough. Gonna be a few years before they're worth much of anything.
  12. $20k is a 2010 floor model RSV4R Factory, lots of go fast parts, lots of tires, and a few track days. Much better bargain than some gimmicky "But wait, THERE'S MORE" POS from Buell.
  13. wow, hatin' much? :scratchea
    What bike have you designed and raced? Is it better than Erik's?
  14. He didn't claim to have designed a bike :scratchea
  15. Then why bag on someone else's designs and business? Ask anyone who has actually took the leap to design and build products and they will tell you how difficult it is. You cannot please everyone.

    Lot's of innovation in Buell and all other bike manufacture's. I personally do not like Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki but think they make great bikes. Just won't ride one.
  16. +1 Those Austrian/BRP motors go well. While I dig V2's they aren't at the same level as the I4, V4.
  17. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    It'll take time, but he's made it this far so he obviously has the support.

    I'm definitely not his -current- target market, but I hope I'm in their 10 year plan as I'd like to own something from an innovative company.
  18. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical


    This would make a great t-shirt.
  19. Maybe if more Americans went to college in such fields like Engineering, instead of Hotel Management, we wouldnt need to give out green cards to the Chinese and Indians to do the jobs.

    The fact is we are no longer an industrial nation. We are a nation of Servers.
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