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The Ridge Aug. 31st 2 fast track day

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by residentcourt1, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Planning another trip to The Ridge! Wanted to post this early, so if anyone wanted to join they have time to plan.

    I can't emphasize how much fun this track is!
  2. :scared:popcorn::evil4::shock::roll::secret:8):shock::shock::shock:

  3. Looks like its just gonna be the two of us lol
  4. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    It ain't August yet, Popeye!

  5. You've convinced me...............................................I'm in. :mfclap:
  6. When we get there maybe you can teach us how to get around the track !
  7. I'd be happy to show you around The Ridge, but there are lots of guys with better/faster lines than me.
  8. here's the video from the california superbike school, day 2 for me. This was my FIRST lap right after lunch so I made some mistakes I didn't always make (missing the turn in point in turn 2).

    The yellow x on the ground are the suggested turn in points. they are very, very good points. The only change that my instructor and I made is through 8a and's not a double apex, push the turn in point a yard or 2 further and it can be done in one full arc, you can see my line in the video, I do this and end up running right over the 2nd turn in X anyways.

    also, i'm slow, yes, I was working on throttle control and cornering, not brakes and straight line speed. That being said, the funny angle of the camera makes everything look slower than it seems.

    anyways, I highly suggest you study the markers in this video, it'll help TONS on your next track day

    approximate map of turn in points and apex points on the harder part of the track line wise. video is better though


    oh, one more thing, make reference points on this track! helps tons!

    turn 9 into turn 10

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  9. Sounds like target fixation to me. :mfclap:

  10. out I'll be crabing in birchbay
  11. Need some info on this.

    Anyone have room for another bike/rider in their truck trailer whatever.
    Traveling from Spokane to the ridge
  12. I need to lock down how many are going, so I can arrange for a trailer.
  13. Does anyone have trailer space that I can get in on? I live on the south hill.
  14. Dude I'm definitely in. let me know!

    PM is easiest because i get the e mail along with it. I almost never get on the forums.
  15. Pm'd
  16. Crap!!! Did you guys make the trip?? I got so distracted with "my life", I forgot to set up a meeting. :tard:
  17. What an amazing track. It is so smooth. It strings together beautifully. 170 on the straight is a nice touch too!
  18. It's developing some rough patches though. Right as you enter the Ridge Complex, there are some "rumble strips" near the top (outside line). And I've found a small "pothole" in turn 14 (also in the Ridge Complex). I started turning inside that one.

    While it is pretty damn good now, I can't wait for the final "top layer" to go down. It should be really awesome then.
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