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The Ridge from the air.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Bowhunter, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Grantizzle

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  2. Password?
  3. very cool.... looks like someone's engine blew and they are doing a BIG clean up. :sad:
  4. Just over a week and I'll be riding this for 2 days...can't wait!

  5. This video makes that drop between 13 and 16 look like a gentle slope. Other than that, this is awesome.
  6. Wow, great aerial footage. I just rode the ridge on June 18th and does that footage ever bring back the layout of the track!! I wish the incredible topography of ups an downs could be appreciated from the air---but, that probably is not possible. Great video!! Thanks for sharing it. What date about, was this video taken? :popcorn::popcorn:8)

    Spokane, WA
  7. wow those grass seeds sprouted fast!
  8. Cool video! I haven't been to that track yet. Is there any fencing between the track and the tree line to keep the fury woodland creatures off the track?
  9. Thanks, I shot this yesterday. And yes, there's not a video that shows how sweet this track is. I walked it, and was amazed at how much character it has.
  10. Very cool perspective, thanks for posting. The view reminded me a little of growing up when my parents would take me up in their Cessna 150.
  11. CSS? See you there Av.
  12. Awesome man - I'm training to be a helicopter pilot myself. Definitely going to fly down there sometime....

    And yes, the ridge is freakin sweet. I have a couple on-board videos here, again they don't do justice to the elevation gains. Thanks for sharing this! (Also, what's the story on the pilot/helo. Were you guys hired for aerial photography or just friends with the track owners?)
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