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"THE Ridge" Holy schnike Batman!

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Ballistic, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. I feel led, oh, even obligated---to comment on Monday's trackday by PSSR at THE RIDGE. As our intrepid explorers set off on an unknown voyage with surprise passengers/borrowed trailers (thank you Darrel Nice---Thank you Adam Phelps for the Tundra) and more people than called for, in "THE PLAN" the story unfolds. Wait, that is a little bit melodramatic---which actually pales to the reality. haha. As Ballistic---playing himself---Resident Court and Dan the Man decide to go West to the Promised Land---they are totally unaware of the adventure that is to come. 25mph headwinds on the trip--<10mpg with the rig, and a bike tipped over in the trailer only hints at what is to come. A quick drop of the unknown passenger in Bellevue and a short stop at Pacific Raceways with the unsavory discovery of pristine ZX6 on its side with a dent in its tanks---sets the mood back a couple hundred miles---but, as in anyone who has blown a corner or crashed---quick recovery ensued. After wandering around the Wilderness the trio finds the Promised Land---and as they drive up the entrance to the "RIDGE"---Ballistic/ResidentCourt and Dan the Man, notices the very vertical---very crazy looking corkscrew. Little did they know that this was just a taste of the most amazing track they had ever seen.:ninja: Fast forward to the "DAY". Tech the bikes, Ballistic takes a hayride for a tour of the track---fear takes over---blind corner and again and again and again---from uphill to downhill it is unending until you go thru the hairpin and on your way to the CORKSCREW. Words cannot describe the feelings on the hayride---Ballistic runs back to his rig to get his gear at the end of the tour and by the time the old guy gets on the track the "A" team is shredding by at 150mph in the merge lane. Oh, Sh_t!, I have a new rear tire and I do not even know this track, said Ballistic to himself. So, he cruises around with his hand up riding a roller coaster that would make 6 flags proud and ends up with his heart in his throat, breaking in his tire. Then finally, Ballistic goes hot and freaks out trying find a line at "A" pace---no way Jose. Finally in session 3, a nice guy called Sentor leads the way for 2 laps and then out of the blue a control rider comes to rescue the big blue FZ1 and gives 6 or 7 hot laps with Ballistic in tow, amping up the pace every lap until, heck, probably were heading for outer space--or so it seemed. Meanwhile Resident Court was ripping around with his fast group and learning the lines and shredding his oversize 190 in perfect time. Dan the Man goes with his group and feels the 6 flags mental that Ballistic has already got. It is an amazing, amazing, scary, fun, ridiculous track. :secret: By the time the day is thru, Ballistic, Resident Court, Dan---and maybe you wish even you---have been wasted and ripped with a track that was beyond belief. The weather had thunderstorms on the horizon all day, but the track stayed dry. In spite of a track that was too good to be true, everyone bailed out early, because fatigue can even come to you. :roll: Crashing was not an option, live to ride another day. We cannot thank Tom Young and his PSSR crew enough, for a ride that will never be forgot---so get your A_s to the Ridge and learn alot!:scared Oh and by the way, Rod the owner, stopped by our way, anonymous and humble, he did not even identify himself to us in any way---until we asked and were taken aback, by the incredible company in which we had basked. Thank you Rod, for building a track---where they "all" will come.

    CB aka Ballistic

    p.s. Thanks to Soggy Doo, Sentor, Blue Streak and many others who helped us all along on our path the enlightenment. On a wing and a very special prayer by the PSSR crew, this was an epic event in mine and my friends, Malcolm and Dan will never probably equal. Thanks so much to the track workers and organizers whose enthusiasm and care that made this sooo special. May the "Force" be with you all. On a last, personal note---special thanks to the control rider who came and rescued me from my "learn the track in A group conundrum". To the A group riders---you are really, really fast. :popcorn:
  2. Awesome write up Craig, It is an amazing track, I hope to ride with the spokane crew soon, I'm telling you a 2 dayer is the way to go, even for you, cough,cough,cough, older folks,

  3. Hey Craig, glad you got to head out this way. That was a hell of a drive, but hopefully worth it.

    Was nice to meet you and the crew!

  4. Matt,

    Hey, it WAS a long drive the way we did it, from my house, over 750 miles, round trip---but it WAS worth it. Thanks again for the tow and other help---It was a very special track day group putting the show on and a bunch of really good, nice riders---like yourself and your pit group, that really makes something like that really special. The track was flippin amazing and a couple of us think it has potential to be nationally known when it gets more PR---if that is what people want for it. Hope I can ride again with you someday---preferably on something more suited for the technical nature of tracks like that and ORP--maybe a gxxr 750---if I can get geriatric ergonomic package retrofitted. 8)

  5. Craig, you have a way with words my friend. I can't top that description. It was an epic adventure.

    I heard that this track was designed by the same guy who came up with T-hill. Also, each corner was hand picked from world class courses. Hmm, wonder where that cork screw came from ...I'm glad to be part of the history; the ridge will become legendary.
  6. Here is a couple photos of our little adventure, spent most of our time trying to figure out how to function on a 6 flags roller coaster call "The Ridge".

    The corkscrew, pass the bottle please!

    Malcolm, The Great, looking on, on his subjects.

    Dan, the Man, showing his flexibility, and "Does my butt look big in these leathers?"

    Craig, aka Ballistic, "Yes I really was there and I got an "A" on my test":mrgreen:

    Malcolm, "The Great" mingling for a photo shoot with subjects. 8)

    Bottom of the CORKscrew.

    Nice Trailer, no really, Darrel Nice's trailer!

    Me, posing b/4 unloading back in Spokanistan.

    Ok, let us see how these turned out, or not.

  7. I should have added the information, that Malcolm, "the Great" is ResidentCourt1 as a screen name on the PNW site and Dan the Man is now L1K7GSXR as his screen name. As a trio, we covered the gamut of A, B and C classes at the track day. It still seems awesome, 3 weeks later. :secret:

  8. Craig dont hesitate to go back, Try orp if you want a little less speeds but more elevation changes, let me know and I will try to make your next venture. Cool write up by the way
  9. :mfclap:Hahaha nice choice of pitcure bro!
  10. Dan, there was no choice---i only took a brief limited group of shots without much planning. I am just really sorry we did not somehow think to line our bikes up in a row with us beside them with all our colorful stickers on them---it would have been a cool group shot. Sorry I only got you bending over----I did not try to take it that way---your moved too fast. Next time, go a little slower and maybe I will catch your better side. Trip was awesome, glad you could make it.

  11. Damn it Craig, I knew you have a thing for Dan ! :nana

    All ass grabbing aside...thanks for posting the pics. It brings back fun memories. Hope we can make it over again.
  12. Dave,

    Hey, like I really need to learn ANOTHER new track. :popcorn: Especially with more technical elevation changes---quick, get me 600 or 750, or something lighter for the rapid transitions on those tracks. If my body is up to it, I think I would benefit from a 600 something or 750gxxr with N-Tech GP tires to even have half a chance at improving at running with your new ultra rapid pace. I am inspired by your incredible track riding day prowess and progess!:shock::scared I am humbled that you even want to ride with me, after your incredible progress the last couple of years, since meeting at SRP. Seriously, I mean it. 8)

    Oh, speed is not the problem, by the way, it is those damn blind corners at speed that freak us all out till we learn "The Secret":secret: Ya know, like turn 3 at SRP. :shock:

  13. I will ride with and make pointer any time I ride the same track, I am selling my 04 cbr track bike, I have a 09cbr 600 that I want to get off the street and on track, if you are in for a cbr 600, it only has 7200m, 35 are track, they arent comphy but for 20minutes i deal with it, the motor is stock but the forks have all that gp offers, i swear by them. let me know. dambit now I have to take the next inland speed monday off:mrgreen:
  14. Dave,

    What do you think you want for your 04? And thanks for the generous pointing lap offer---assuming I understood your meaning. I am sure you 04 would be a real step up for me---at least you have shown it can fly. :shock:

  15. Wow! That tracks looks/sounds epic! Maybe someday I'll be good enough to ride it
  16. Craig I just put a new front gp,5 trackdays, they last for 2000m on the track, a new rear has 2 trackdays it is a soft compound I get 7 days on them, and I am taking the scotts stabilizer with me but leaving the mount, a new one is $300 without the mount, and am asking $3200, but am willing to work with you if you are interested, I feel a 600 is alittle under for the ridge mile long strait but it makes up for it in the cornering. I do have alot of the stock plastics but not all since it was laid down as a street bike, Let me know, Dave
  17. No one is just good enough to ride it, you just ride. Track days out there in B and C class are more Like a track school
  18. Ah good to know. What sort of things can I expect to learn at the 'track school'
  19. If you have never done one---probably a lot. It taught me some key principles that I never realized b/4 even though I had 10's of thousands of street miles and some high energy mountain road strafing in my experience already. It really helped make me a better rider with safe practice in a controlled environment. It will make you a much better rider and more at one with your bike---and the physics you learn can be life saving and priceless---in my experience. It might also give you an urge to do some track days to practice what you learn in the initial experience. I did my first track school over 10 years ago on a HondaST1100--not your best track machine. :mrgreen: I have done one other track school and many track days since and it has been an amazing positive progression for me---I cannot recommend this idea too strongly, it really helps your skill and survival on a motorcycle.

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