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The Ridge Rocked with 2-Fast!!

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by kneedragger, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Just wanted to give Mark DeGross and the rest of the 2-Fast staff a HUGE kudos for today's trackday at The Ridge! Today was Mario's first time out there and Mark was kind enough to put Mario on his EDR built Honda CBR600rr race bike.

    Mario had an absolute blast riding today. Great track, great folks running the day, tons and tons of tracktime, and of course tons of fellow riders out enjoying the day!

    Way to go gang!

    If you have NEVER been to one of Mark's days, make it a point to do so this season!!!


    Mario Alvarez, Sr.
    AKA - Mario's Dad
  2. Nice day today indeed! How many riders were lapping on the track today do you suppose?

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Where's the pic's?
  4. not sure but there were a lot of riders! It was great to see this big a turn out!!! I do know that JR was there shooting and I think a few others, but not sure. Here's a little two lap video for you guys... sorry for the bumpyness, but still a fun video...
  5. I believe it was limited to 35 per group Jon. There was a new racer school 100, inter 200, and hero 300. It's enormously wide, providing many passing ops that ORP lacks, but people have to learn that part. Run off is dirt, so just stand it up and don't hit the brakes if all else fails. Good to see a new post from you..:mfclap:
  6. KFG had an awesome time, thanks to 2Fast and The Ridge, yeah!

  7. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    Hey, Jason. I had a great time riding with you in the afternoon. That gave me a good smile.

  8. I am not sure how we have not met without helmets on yet, but I agree I came off the track after that session with a grin from ear to ear!:mrgreen:
  9. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP


  10. You forgot Fat!:tard:

    Barely squeased into my leathers at 220lbs yesterday. But I already knew that after taking the supermoto out to Mac last weekend and only being able to rid like 10 minute sessions before having to come back in the pits to recover before going into cardiac arrest!

    Now you want to talk about fast, who was this guy?

  11. I'm not posative but I think thats Jeff Sehorn? Nice Vid Jason I think Im the old slow fuk, but the gym everyday will at least let me fit in my leathers and keep u insight, well maybe, Im going to try like hell
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2012
  12. #176 = Jake Rower

    Fast WMRRA dude who got tired of the sketchy condition of PR and started doing his racing in CA.
  13. Looks amazing! Hopefully get a set of leathers in the next month or two and sign up with 2fast at the ridge. This is all I can think about now; incredibly bad and it is making me spend money I shouldn't :mrgreen:
  14. Awesome to see the Alvarez family out there yesterday and great to see Mario spinning some laps on Mark's 600!
  15. What a blast! I didn't get in before the registration sold out but came out to watch and it was a great time. Cannot wait to get in on the next round!
  16. It would be fun to ride a street bike there and just work a corner I think. 1st class flagger stations.
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