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The rules have changed.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by R6Roller, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. ahhh the left turn .. no one looks left

  2. Majority of the time it's because they can't tell how far away you are, if you notice a car trying to cross just weave.

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  3. The smidsy. I didn't know it had a name. Thats awesome! I knew this dodge mofo was going to pull out before he even did. I was way ready for it, just cruised up to his window to really let myself be known.
  4. change of subject....

    dark tint screen sux for video recording. :thefinge:
  5. Rocks as a background for inserting witty comments about stuff transpiring.
  6. Neat video! I like the name "smidsy", and the CIAM is an interesting way drawing attention. Seems like that maneuver could be really effective because it changes the outline of the bike and also flashes the headlight around a bit.

    Funny thing is, I tend to zig zag like that for fun anyway, but I never thought to use that as a way to command attention.
  7. i have been doing that anytime traffic comes to a hard stop as well as flashers on ... and weaving when im the only one in a lane and there is stopped traffic next to me .. it truly lets them see yo u
  8. I practice weaving in my lane a lot on the freeway when there are cars behind me. Every few minutes or when traffic looks like it might get ready to slow down or stop I'll do it before hand, caters tend to look past the bike at the car in front of you and before you know it they are stopping to not hit the car in front forgetting your in the middle
  9. Some good advice. Can't wait to get home and watch some more "crash course" vids.
  10. Please bear with me on this one.

    When I was in Mexico, I was assisting our partner down there at a tech show. Every day, I had to take a car service or taxi back and forth between the hotel and the convention center. What I noticed is that when I rode is a smaller car, they stopped for sure at each intersection at red lights and slowed down even when they had the green one. When I took the larger cars/SUVs, they just barreled along like they owned the road.

    The lesson I learned from that is....we be small, in weight, in silouette, in view, and perception to drivers and I neeed to ride with that reality in my mind at all times.

    Face it...we are invisible to the majority of the cagers out there and we need to ride accordingly. :shock:
  11. I like the CIAM. However, I find that a pair of flair guns mounted fore and aft work even better at getting the attention of other motorists.
  12. Seems like SOP to me out there... I had one last week where not only did he pull out just like that, the MFer actually stopped and blocked the road with the "I'm stupid" look on his face staring at me. Odd thing was I just had a feeling he was going to do the pull out part, the stop and stare was a bit of a surprise.
  13. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot

    That's why I always ride with the bright light on. Flash me all you want, at least I know that you see me.
  14. +1 to that. High beams 24/7.
  15. sweet! i get one of my stripes back, i've been instinctively been doing the ciam since I started riding again, came up with it on my own, brights on, slowing down, back and forth, screaming see me! (thumb on the horn too doesn't hurt) but yea, just had someone pull out really close just like this today, they never even got a shocked look, probably didnt even see me when i was crawling up their back door.
  16. Only thing is, you're so god damned bright that they can't see anything else or have to look away from you. You've just made it worse.
  17. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    The eye picks up lateral motion better, so weaving is a good idea!

    We are vulnerable out there.

    I have a gazillion street miles and I have accidently cut off a bike before.
    I didn't see it.


    And I try to LOOK!
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