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Think you are the only one you can hurt?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Desvio, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Think you are the only one you can hurt when you ride like an ass? Guess again!

    Just a reminder: Save it for the track, high desert or that super secret road out in the middle of nowhere. Don't do it in the city limits.


  2. Damnit.... poor Guy.... to lose your leg when you're just walking across a street heading home. What an asshole kid.
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  3. What an asshat. Because he wanted to be cool and ride really fast in town, he has ruined another persons life.
  4. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    People that race around town and place others in danger through nothing more than pure stupidity are not my brothers, or my bretheren, or fellow riders. They are assholes that shouldn't be allowed to even look at a bike much less ride one.
  5. :rant This irritates me to no end. When you are irresponsible like that rider was, you aren't the only one you are putting in jeopardy. The rider needs to lose his license for a long time, plus do some jail time. Not to mention the lawsuit he needs to lose. Oh, wait, I know. He should help take care of and run errands for the rest of the life of the man whom he crippled. :angry7:
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  6. +1
  7. Thank You. After my father was killed by a drunk driver on Christmas Day 2007 in his S-10; the the drunk driver got three months probation and a suspended license for a year.

    The laws for "excessive stupidity" are very light. Unless we get more strict on laws for hurting innocent people with "excessive stupidity" accidents like this will only happen more often while destroying more lives and costing society more money in Re habituation cost.
  8. Our society and laws are getting very sad. If I went out and intentionally cut someones leg off, I would expect to get 20 to 40 years minimum. But if I'm a stupid fuck and go do something unlawful like this, and it results in someone losing their leg, I'm pretty much going to walk.

    This I like, should be his life sentence!

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  9. So sad to hear about the pedestrian :rant But people ride and drive how they want. I can't bash the rider except for major laps in judgement :angry7:

    All this bashing of riders for speeding and what not is kinda getting old. I will ride how I ride as should everyone else :mrgreen:
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  10. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I hope that both who are injured recover... however...

    They don't have any witnesses, and it sounds like they have little evidence as to the nature of the situation. Sounds to me like they're fishing for a way to blame the rider, and can't actually prove it. They're doing so with a very leading statement.
  11. I so agree :angry7:
  12. joshholland90

    joshholland90 Training Wheels

    Except that his lack of judgment RUINED the rest of someones life physically, mentally and financially, who was only 30 years old. but its okay, he was just "riding how he rides" And injured himself on top of it.

    it almost sounds like you're taking the riders side here. wtf is wrong with you?
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  13. I disagree. Douche on bike speeds, douche on bike hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk hard enough to sever his leg completely. How in the hell do you consider that fishing? Is there a part of the mechanics of such an injury you don't understand? The difference between witnesses that saw him speeding, and no witnesses is whether they will be able to prosecute him on criminal charges.
  14. there is NO crosswalk at this intersection(IF you can even call it that. it looks like a 50mph road, with a T-style stop-sign control at the T).

    regardless.... when i cross a street i make the fuck sure I will not be run over.

    idiots who do not pay attention walking on the roadway are asking to get runover.
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  15. Not saying I am taking the riders side. I am saying all the bashing on people for speeding on a bike or doing things on their bikes.

    Yes it is very sad about the guy walking but we don't know the whole story like, was the light red for the rider or pedestrian?

    All it takes is 45 mph to cut off a limb from a bike :scared

    Oh and whats wrong with me is Degasit :nana
  16. joshholland90

    joshholland90 Training Wheels

    Agreed. I hate people who run into the middle of a 5 lane highway and stand in the left turn lane, ect.
    but we don't know all the details here at all. Maybe the ped WAS at fault. After looking at the intersection I see that there is not light, or stop sign for the biker. And no crosswalk. Posted speed limit is 40 mph.

    Its still really tragic that the guy will be crippled for the rest of his life :(

    heres the link to the intersection where the accident happened.

    edit: They do state that "he was riding at a high rate of speed" which is after the fact so how they can really determine that other than tire marks or something, idk.
    And they do also refer to it as an intersection. Which it hardly is. Its a T intersection, just 1 stop sign for the road joining a 40 mph highway.
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