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thinking about maybe a triumph 675

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by srt6, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. anyone know anything about them? i want a gsxr 750 but there everywhere i would perfer a more unique bike and these seem pretty cool.
  2. Absolute awesome bikes. Unique sound and great looks. Just know you are paying a premium for parts both OEM and aftermarket.

  3. Well they aren't going to be cool if gsxr riderz start buying them :nana
  4. There pretty cool, but I feel like there really starting to establish themselves and their getting a ton more recognition which means more people are going to be getting them. Maybe not as much as gsxr but if you want something original or unique find a bike your comfortable on and fits you and spend the money to make it yours.
  5. angry9: true

    I really like the inline 750s though.
    Different riding styles in my opinion.
  6. If you have the money, do it! I would if I had the. Cash to spend to customize it.
  7. Great Bike! Penitax has one! Amazing sound both pipe and intake. It takes awhile to feel them out riding wise I've been told
  8. Do it. I'm in love. I went halfway across the country to get my baby and it was worth every mile.
  9. Yaaaaa baby !!!

    One sexy Brit . . .

  10. I saw an 07 lay its motor down at orp this past weekend, 7000m, just saying
  11. +1 for doing it. I love my D675.
  12. There are three of them that park here where I work...

    I was *this* close to buying one, but called my insurance company before I laid down the cash. For the same coverage as on my SV650s, the D675 was 4X the cost. I'm still riding the SV.
  13. can't go wrong with a 675 had mine pinstriped and added a jardine exhaust, would love to have another one. The true test of a good bike. goodluck have fun!
  14. .......and unfortunately on the rise because squids are buying them. Seriously though, I think they are awesome and sexy. Why not look into a street triple? They are heaps of fun to ride too. I almost wish I'd gone that route.
  15. :scratchea

    Is this code for something?
  16. I know the early models had a problem with oil cavitation during periods of extended high rev's. I saw several pop on trackdays at PIR.

    Triumph makes an oil sprocket thats part of their race kit that solves the problem pretty cheaply. I would imagine that they eventually changed the part, as I haven't seen that issue pop up with the motors after 09 or so.
  17. Love my '09. Lots of changes were made for the '09 model year. I'd steer clear of the '08 & older.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2012
  18. Did you mean '08 and older, or is there something wrong with the newer revision?
  19. I'd find a new insurance company...mine is only a couple bucks more a month than my FZ6.

    Interesting to hear and good to know, considering how many times it's been down the front straight at Spokane just below the rev limiter for 3/4 of a mile at a time (I miss that straight, lol). Mine is an '07 w/ 28k on it, still runs like a top - doesn't burn oil and has had the piss beat out of her on and off the track. Only thing that's been an issue on several early models that I've seen personally were voltage regulators failing left and right and an occasional timing chain tentioner issue.

    If you've got the cash step up to the 675R...flat out awesome bike.
  20. You don't get a wife beater, Icon vest, and flip-flops when they give you the key, but other than that, they are awesome bikes.
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