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Thinking about turboing my hayabusa...

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Wes206, May 16, 2011.

  1. Where is a good place to get the kit? Or should I go a more custom route?

    Has anyone here turbo'd a busa or zx-14?

    THINKING though is the key word.
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  2. I still don't understand why some of the busa/zx-14 owners want to turbo (or have turbo'd) their already ridiculously fast bikes. You'd think sub 10 second 1/4 mile times would be more then enough to satisfy their need for speed. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this subject :huh:.

  3. Just for a entertaining project, I dont race the bike anyways. Lots of people buy ferraris and lambos etc but never go 200mph.
  4. I think turbochargers are pretty damn cool, but aside from drag racing, I see no reason to go through the work and expense. I'm not an especially fast rider, but it sure as hell isn't the bike slowing me down. I would in all honesty, probably travel from point to point faster on a light, nimble 600.
    When I want to go faster I'll spend my money on track days! Until then, I'll keep burning gas and wearing out tires to gain all the experience I can!

    But if You get a turbo, I'd love to check it out & see it in action!!! Good luck!
  5. Thats kinda why I wanna, I dont plan on doing insanely fast or anything just for a cool factor/show thing.

    Anyone have any info relating to my original post?
  6. Check out RCC Turbo. Kits from 250-650 hp! The website looks better than a lot of the typical Hayabusa custom parts sellers.
  7. He is doing a full custom job on his. A lot cheaper and more pride put into the hard work. Plus it is just cool as hell. Makes me want to turbo the R6.

    If you have ever ridden in or on anything turbo you would understand the want for the turbo crack. I miss my DSM just for that reason alone.
  8. I think once you ride a turbo its hard not to want one on everything you own:mrgreen: Got a 400hp turbo sled, 150 hp turbo quad and working on a 800hp turbo Firebird right now. To me there is not a cooler feeling than a motor building boost and the sound of a Tial blow off valve! I say go for it! Done right it will cost a few bucks but will be well worth it IMO. Here is one of our sleds, tell me you wouldn't want this sound out of your bike!
  9. I have built two. Sold my turbo busa last year. I am done with riding fast.

    Your best bet for a turn key kit if you want the real deal is Richard at RCC in Canada. Most everyone doing Maxton Mile is using some for of his kit or parts.

    Turn key kits are the best way to go for a taste of boost. Even the least expensive turn keys will produce a good 260RWHP on mile boost levels with pump gas.

    Boost is addictive. Once you get a taste, you will want more. If that is the case, go for one of Richards builds. You wont be sorry. His stuff is very modular so you can start with no IC and then go to stage to add the IC, turn up the boost and hang on.

    The stock lowers will handle up to 400HP with no problem. Stock pistons will be okay for 300HP levels with a .080 spacer plate below the block to lower compression. Wossner pistons are the way to go if you want 400+.

    Over 300HP you may want to switch out the stock head bolts for studs. If you plan on drag racing it, you may want to beef up the output shaft as they have a desire to rip the counter shaft sprockets off of them on hard drag race launches.

    Do not buy a Mr turbo kit. My first kit was one of his kits. Terry Kizer is stuck on his old ways and while he is a smart guy, his kits are kinda in the stone age. His first kits used slow spooling Ray Jays that are now all but extinct. He uses a Garrett like much of everyone else now except his FMU and everything else is not quite as streetable as teh RCC stuff. Plus his headers crack (so do the Hahn Racecraft headers) last thing you want to do is be dealing with headers that crack (been there done that) all the time.

    Custom kit? Well ultimately that is what happened to mine in the long run. We wound up chasing HP adn went with a custom water to air intercooler, Tial wastegate and Tial BOV with a GT35R. Although it never made it to a dyno and was finally sold.
    My point with that was, unless you have deep pockets, stop now or you will be poor, eating top ramen and having a wife that is going to leave you because of your new boost habitcrackup:

    There is the goods out of the bike.

    And there are the goods in the bike.
  10. I've kind of wondered about this since he only sells a draw-through kit for carbed engines. So that would mean methanol intercooling only and living with boost lag :scratchea doesn't sound very streetable. Good to know other complete kits exist, somehow I see one of these projects in my future when I have money to burn. Is that water-to-air IC a straight water injection setup or a radiator-type intercooler? Cool build, always find these projects interesting :popcorn:
  11. That was a radiator off an SV650 with a custom plenum that also housed the intercooler.

    Terry was the first well known turbo bike builder. He set a lot of records, made a lot of crazy HP with the ZX11 turbo. Was one of the first to make a turn key kit for the Busa but up until recently used old school RayJay units. But yeah, there are so many other options out there and a lot of these options are built by guys busting 270 in the standing start mile. On gasoline. It just nuts how much HP can be tapped out of this motor.
  12. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    +1 Was thinking the same thing. But then I guess I shouldn't say anything, after reading why. (the cool factor) I for one have no problem admitting my stock R1 has plenty of power for my skills. :scared
  13. Your only way to become enlightened is to sit in the saddle and twist thy wrist. Then you too shall see god:devil:
  14. I have a Velocity Racing kit on my '08. It is a modified Stage One with a waste gate and water injection. I stretched the swingarm with a 0-6" mod, put a Brock's drag racing essentials kit in it, lowered it 2", Marchesini forged mag wheels, etc. etc. Supposed to put down about 285 hp at the wheel with stock compression and no more than 8 psi, that has yet to be verified, I think at 6 psi I'm somewhere in the 225 range.

    Velocity changed hands and I do not know the new owners. Somebody earlier posted up RCC. Those folks appear to have an excellent reputation and folks on other boards speak very highly of them. Boost by Smith also supplies odds and ends that will make your life easier; things like the electrical plug that will let you completely remove the PAIR system (genII busa) and other fun stuff.

    I personally installed the kit myself. Since I work slow it took me about 2 weeks total time. Trimming body panels was probably the most nerve wracking part of the install. I never posted a build thread, but I have many pictures, I'll see if I can post some up tonight or tomorrow.

    I will say that a turbo bike is waaaaay fun. Boost comes on around 3500 rpm and by 4000 you better have your hind end up against the hump 'cause that's where it will end up.

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  15. One of my best friends who had been riding for 30+ years turbo'd his busa in Phoenix a few years back.. He died within two hours of having the bike back together while out on a simple test ride. Came out from behind a truck in 2nd, barely got on it, car pulled out in front of him, he died on impact.

    Moral of the story: Seriously why in the hell do you people think you need a 285hp street bike, especially in a place with lots of cold, wet roads?
  16. Run that by me one more time please. Is it:
    1) You blame the turbocharger for causing your friend to pull out from behind the truck?
    2.) You blame the turbocharger for the car pulling out in front of him?
    3.) You blame the turbocharger for ramping up his testosterone levels and that somehow caused him to do something he wouldn't otherwise?
    4.) You blame the fact that he was adding the turbocharger to his bike which got him all excited about riding and that somehow caused him to pull out from behind a truck right in the path of someone who just happened to pull out in front of him?

    I'm at a loss for how in the H a turbocharged motorcycle was to blame for someone who erred in the application of SIPDE. I teach this stuff every time I teach BRT here in Idaho. You can kill yourself riding a 7 hp fiddy if you pull out from behind a truck and another vehicle doesn't see you.

    If you have a problem with high horsepower motorcycles, then by all means, please ride the bus or take other public transportation. I built my bike to take to the strip and for the technical challenge of building the motorcycle. Remember, the problems always start in our heads and end with the misapplication of our right hand on the throttle. Motorcycle riding has more risk than any other mode of transportation. We accept that risk every time we put our leg over the saddle.

    Next you'll be on my case because I just ordered a 160 HP BMW touring bike. Good Grief! The insanity of it all.
  17. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Very sorry about your friend. Some are likely to miss your point, and I for one don't need anymore power. But it's a free country still? And like they say "What ever turns your crank".
  18. #1 No way I blame anything or anyone for my buddie's death other than his right hand. I was simply pointing out what a quarter turn of throttle on a Turbo H can do on public roads.

    #2 I would never, under any circumstances be so ridiculous as to assume that you or anyone else who rides a turbo H can't handle it, however it's still a 260hp street bike and when they buck there are VERY few people that can handle them.

    #3 Do whatever you like with it, I was just curious as to the motives of a potential (20 year old) turbo H owner were. Let's face it, anyone who has ridden one knows damn well that there is no way to really have fun on one (on public roads) without becoming a felon.

    LOL free country... Where have you been the last 30-40 years? In any case as I said to Dr M, do whatever you will with your toys! Hell a Turbo H is in my future, though it won't see any time on the street, personal choice (I have little to no self control in the right hand department).
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