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This Saturday Night

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by Dave2000R1, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Lums's Auto Center in Warrenton is having a fundraiser for me to help with the medical bills from my June 22nd accident on Lewis and Clark Rd. Doors open at 5:00 with a pasta dinner starting at 6:00. They have a raffle, a silent auction, and a live auction. They have collected a bunch of great items. Here are just a few of the items:

    5 Firearms (2 Shotguns 3 Rifles)
    A Black Lab Puppy
    A week in Mexico
    2 Different Harley Davidson Baskets
    500 Chip Leather Poker Set
    Flyfishing Rod
    Schwin Bicycle
    DVD Player
    1 Deer Mount
    1 Elk Mount
    Rounds of Golf
    Truck bed liner
    Bat and Baseball Gloves
    200 lbs of Albacore Tuna
    Tons of gift certificates and gift cards

    It would be really great to see some local biker support there. I may be down, but I'm definately not out. I just have to pay off the $21,000 life flight bill before my wife will discuss me riding again.
  2. I will be there but not until after 6:30pm. If the weather is good I will be on the bike.

  3. Dave,

    Sorry to say, It end's up I will not be able to make Saturday's event :angry7:

    But I did call Christina at Lum's (503-861-1144) and was able to make a donation over the phone :mfclap:

    Heal up fast and take care of yourself and wife. We will meet sometime on two wheels on the road.
  4. Sorry to hear you'll miss it Bret, but I'm sure Dave appreciates the donation.

    I will be there. I found someone willing to work my Saturday shift, so I'm taking a vacation day. Don't sweat that Life Flight bill. I think you can pay it off monthly for the rest of your life. It took me about 5 years to pay off my kids ambulance ride to Portland.
  5. No worries if you can't make it to the fundraiser. We most certainly do appreciate the donation too.

    lol....yeah I'm pretty sure life flight and Emanual Hospital will be getting $25 a month for the rest of my natural life. Oh well, at least I still have a natural life thanks to them.

    I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it and I will catch up with the rest of you down the road when I'm back on 2 wheels.
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