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Those damn clever theives....scumbags

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mrwizard10, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Was talking with my GF's dad and he told me that there is now a new way in which thieves are "speed stealing" bike from the back of trucks. It seems that those scumbags drive their truck next to a truck where a motorcycle is tied down. One of them goes to the opposite side and cuts the tiedowns on that side. Since the bike is generally cinched down tight, the resulting rebound lifts the bike up while the straps on the other side, causes the bike to bounce over towards the other truck, assisted by the thieves. They then cut the other side tiedowns and then pull the bike over, jump in the truck and off they go.

    You might consider using a metal cable to further tie down the bike if you are transporting it in the back of a truck or trailer.

  2. Or just not leave the bike strapped down in a truck while you wander off. I know it looks cool and all, but it's not nearly as cool after the bike is gone.

  3. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    Yup. I have a long security cable that I lock to a tie down point in the bed. It wouldn't deter a really determined and prepared thief, but it kills a crime of opportunity. I don't even leave my mountain bike unlocked for a gas station stop.
  4. The only time I could see that being a good way to do it is if the truck was backed up to a wall. If you have enough guys to lift a bike over the side of a truck bed and into another truck, you have enough guys to just take it out of the bed and onto the ground, where it is much easier to put into vans or smaller trucks.
  5. There is a tie down strap available that has a steel cable inside the the strap
  6. Why not just back your truck up to theirs cut the straps and roll off one onto the other>
  7. Stealing shit out of the back of trucks or open trailers is nothing new.
  8. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Unpossible. They would still have to lift it over the bedrails. If there was that much rebound in your suspension, you wouldn't be able to hold on while riding.....think about it carefully.
  9. +1

    It also seems to me they would have to suspend the bike in the air while cutting the straps to make this theory work. Seems backing the truck up to the back of the truck containing the bike would be more efficient.
  10. I can't find the shortened version of this clip, but this shows just how easy it is to steal a motorcycle. Only thing that might of stopped this is if it were cabled to a solid object.

    Sick part of it all. It happened in middle of the day. On a busy street and from the time the guys put their hands on the bike to them driving away was only ~25 seconds.
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  11. I wish I could find that series of UK videos from a few years ago. A bike would be parked in a good location for theft, with a few stout lads with cricket bats nearby. Thief gets busy then gets an ass-beating in the back of a van.
  12. You could always tie one of there theft deterrents to your bike.


    A buddy of mine uses one of these, so far no one has gotten even close to his ride.
  13. Oh god I would love to see that. Hell I'd buy a DVD of it!

    I f-ing hate thieves and bike thieves are the worst of the lot.
  14. Does he have some sort of dog-holder attatchment he uses to take the dog with on rides?
  15. Just watching those videos makes my blood boil. I hate thieves.. Scary how easy it is though.
  16. Real moral of the story is dont own a CBR 600RR
  17. Get insurance.

    Don't get me wrong; I've never been as angry as the day I found my R6 missing, but I recognize that it's a better idea to insure and not worry than to endlessly spend time using tie downs and special alarms.

    I spent a month after I recovered the R6 pulling the battery out at night. It's just not worth the worry. It's machinery that can be replaced at very little cost to you if you have decent insurance.
  18. Sometime insurance is just so expensive its just not worth it to get full coverage.
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