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Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by Gravey86, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. I know summer is about over and we haven't done a bike night since the group came over from TC. Does anyone want to have another and maybe get the group back over?

    Arron, you still in town? I know Tom is, what about the rest of the folks here?

    Which night works best for folks? Throw out some food idea's and then we can see what TC folks want too.
  2. I'll be in Athena area on August 1st and 2nd. If the bike night is one of those days i'll show up

  3. I'm easy, any day works for me.

    We thinking fast food? DQ?
  4. I'm free most nights. I've missed the last couple bike nights, so I'm hoping I'll be able to make it to the next one.

    How about Ice Burg?
  5. As long as I have enough heads up, I could do almost any evening.
  6. We could do DQ on certin nights like TC, The iceberg is good but not alot of seating and with the heat late in the afternoon maybe something inside till it cools off, Great shakes.

    How about Thursday night at 6? And then again on the 2nd so soreknee can meet up.
  7. I'm in for Thursday.
  8. Any thoughts for some place inside? Brew Pub? Gotta go to TC in the afternoon but will be back in time for dinner. Tom, call me if some place has been picked to let us know where to met if you can or someone else can too.
  9. Sooo Brew Pub then?
  10. sounds good, Ill make it, as long as the gf is up for it.
  11. whoops. sorry guys. I haven't been on here in a while. Brian, yeah, i'm still in town. well, i'm back in town... I was in Vermont LAST weekend, and then I got called out on a fire the day i got back. and i just got back thursday evening.

    and i haven't been riding as much because i had to cancel my insurance - too expensive. (yeah, i know i don't HAVE to have it by law, but I NEED to have by my parents law. lol)

    i'll try to ride or i'll cage it to a bike night if we have another one soon.
  12. No worries, How was Vermont? My Aunt/Uncle are coming out next month from Rutland to see the PNW. He's never left the state before so it'll be interesting to see his reaction. I don't blame you on riding and insurance, we don't either. I'll keep ya posted on the next BN, hoping later in the week if we get back from Seattle/Squim in time.
  13. Vermont was much cooler than here! I guess that area hasn't been over 90 degrees this summer. I was back there for my cousin's wedding and it was crazy - the day of the wedding it was POURING rain. Like, you stand outside for 30 seconds and you have just had a shower. Her wedding was on a boat but luckily about 30 minutes before everything started it quit raining and the sun popped out. It was perfect weather.
    It was awesome out there though. I haven't been out there for 8 years. Forgot how green EVERYTHING is. lol.
  14. Yeah, I haven't been back there since 97'(NH).