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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by WaGigKPN, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I got a new position at my job and it doesnt go well for riding a motorcylce. I have to transport things that dont go on motorcycles so i have not been riding much.

    I also knocked up my wife...(1st kid horray!)

    My weekends are full of projects and getting ready for baby and my other spare time is scuba diving and golfing...which goes hand in hand with driving a cage because i can go before/after work.

    Therefore a bike for me is now a hobby and something i plan on doing seldom. Just to go on rides with friends or short rides...

    i currently own a 2002 VFR800 and its in great shape. I figure i can get 3700 for it then get a beater bike for 1000. then i can put 2700 into the bank to prep for baby.

    Thinking going back to an xr650 dual sport/super moto, although i hated that thing on the street for daily use. I am really open to a wide range of bikes for my next one, price, CC's and ergonomics are my limiting factors (i am 6'7'' and 300lbs)

    Thoughts oh great internet full of strangers who all think they are right?
    My best friend thinks i am an idiot...funny, i think he is an idiot too!!!
  2. Sell the bike. Stick to golf and diving. Even those will be come distant. That baby and job will fill up your spare time.

  3. Unless you need the money right away or you think the value of the bike is going to drop alot, I'd keep it. Trust me, with a baby and a new job your life if about to boldly go where it's never gone before.

    You might want the bike as a stress relief.

    You might want to get rid of the bike because "parents shouldn't ride" (or some other bullshit you'll hear).

    Keep it until next Spring. By then you may have climbed out from under the pile of diapers and have a clue about how your new life will be. Sell it then if you want/need to.

    Big congrats on the baby.
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  4. First off, congrats on the baby, I bet you're excited!

    Personally, I tell my mother all the time when she asks me if she'll ever get grand kids and what I'd do with the car, that I'd never get rid of my 2 seater (Nismo 350Z) for a screaming baby (nothing against babies) or my motorcycle. A man must have his toys for the sake of sanity....or maybe it's just me.
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  5. I kept mine after kid one and two. there were def. times I hardly ever got it out, but I ride it a ton now. glad I kept it.
    I would think about what you need and what is important to you and see where the bike falls in and use that to help make your decision. but with kids and new things in life your priorities and time given to different projects is always changing.
    Best of luck to you and congrats. Your life will never be the same.
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  6. My bike is what keeps me centered. It helps to relieve stress a ton.
    I wouldn't give up riding, but thats my .02.
  7. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    If cash flow is really a serious problem, I would keep the VFR. You have already said that you were looking to get a beater replacement, so even I can figure out that you are not planning on giving up riding.

    Why step back and adopt somebody else's problems when you already know the bike you have?
  8. Looks to be an FI model. You can let it sit around ages as long as you keep the battery up.

    Picking up a beater with carbs will leave you faffing with those every time it's left for a month or more.
  9. I think its a very responsible thing to do, I commend you good Sir!

    But on the flip side, I know ur looking to get an old beater just to toy with when u can swing a leg over, but If I didnt have my bike for escape after the baby and ball'n'chain... I'd be as bald as Homer Simpson
  10. Man...i just love my bike...single swing arm, looks great, fits great, runs great, reasonably fast...

    Few more issues i am dealing with,
    When i got the bike i assured my wife i would sell it when we had a kid. This is huge.

    Since i have been riding more i have been golfing less, i dont like golfing less...

    With the up coming baby, i could use the money that is invested in the bike to finish projects and prepare the house for baby...

    Taking up scuba diving, i need a few hundo to finish my gear...

    Just bought the wife a 2003 navigator. that hurt the wallet, now i am stuck driving a 2001 kia sportage...would like to get a new, safer, more comfortable car for winter.

    If i sell the bike i fully intend on getting another one! i really like to tinker and mod but i always have fully functional stuff that looks good and runs good so i never follow through. If i get a cheaper bike that maybe needs work i can go with my imagination and really make it one of a kind. Realistically i think i would go for an older VFR800 and fighter it!
  11. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member


    +1 on your ability to open mouth and dig a hole. What were you thinking?

    Your only chance to survive that little promise is to get all the paperwork ready for the "For Sale" ad, then take it to her and ask if she still wants you to file it. Gives her the chance to let you weasel out of your folly. (I'm in politics and have been with Admiral Martha for almost 30 years, so I do have some level of expertise. :secret:)

    As for the golf thing, I reserve comment about substituting paying big bucks to whack a little ball around in a cow pasture for peeling the chicken strips off motorcycle tires. :shock:
  12. Keep the bike. It will save your sanity/marriage.
    Dont buy someone else's drama.
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  13. If i keep it...

    I want to get a longer/bigger rear shock and raise the rear end. I want to get longer front forks and taller bar risers...basically enduro my VFR into a more adventure bike...gosh...its fun to dream
  14. Give up golfing. Once you're old and fat enough to buy a Harley, quit riding and go back to golf.
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  15. Give up golfing???? U cereal? Hahahahaha!
  16. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    UB Sicko!
  17. If you want an adventure bike get one, some FrankenViffer will never be one.
    (don't have time to read through rest for more revelations)

    what I see is trading perils of street for chances of smashing aginst more and smaller objects at slower speeds. IMHO not Huge improvement.
  18. First major mistake. I did the same thing and didn't get another bike for almost 17 years. I still rode, but it was always a borrowed bike when I needed to relieve stress.

    Since you did assure her, you should follow through with it, especially with the hormone stew that is coursing through her system right now. I'd get all the paperwork together, show it to her with the reminder of your promise and then sell it.

    Congrats on the baby, I've had 4.
  19. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    and if she says that she still wants you to sell it, put it on CL for double what it's worth.
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