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Threats over new club in ID by Destralos

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by FMCfiveoh, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. First, I am an FMC rider, and also a Police Officer who just happens to ride for the love of the whole sportbike thing. I am also down with the Blue Knight crew. And as far as the Blue Knights not getting respect because they wont give it… dude, no Blue Knight or LEO is ever EVER going to bow down to some damn 1% club or any other OMG for respect. That’s just stupid. Not everyone likes cops… I’m cool with that. I don’t like everyone either. But I have a job and that’s how it is. I treat all riders with respect… No matter what they ride or who they are, because I’m a rider too.

    Second, you have no right to hate on the FMC. True enough this is a Red and Gold state, but when we’ve inquired no one has EVER cared. We don’t ride cruiser’s or HDs. We’ve been around for years and haven’t ever stepped on anybodies toes yet. Ya know why? We ARENT a 1% club. We aren’t triple patched. We aren’t a “MC.” Nor do we or have we ever wanted to be associated with any OMG or anything even remotely live that. That’s not how we roll, nor have we ever claimed to. We don’t occupy “turf” or “go to church” or hang out at any given place. We’ve never asked “permission” to exist, because we’ve never needed to ask anyone to be friends, or hang out, or ride in a group. We are friends that ride for the love of all things sportbike… stunting.. racing.. friendship.. smashing twisties, bbqs, and beer. We don’t discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or skill.

    I don’t thing we are gonna find any OMG or 1% people hanging out at any of out track meets... and I don’t think you’ll find us at any of your bars slinging dope… so no worries.

    Third, Broken Arrow… If you wanna be down with the FMC we are always looking for cool people to further the sport, and the group. Not start a “gang.”

    Destralo Stick why don’t you go hassle the WA state association of goldwing riders. I see them EVERYWHERE and I’m sure they are plotting a BBQ or brunch without your permission RIGHT NOW> better get on top of that.

    And in “real” life on or off duty I have never heard or seen a true 1% spout off stupid garbage like this. Most of them I’ve met are respectful enough to not make themselves look like such an ass or embarrass their own colors by making themselves look so stupid. So Destralo Stick if you are even a Destralo dude…. Your making yourself look real bad. And as far as “go and find a 1% and ask them” BS…. Dude this is America. I’m not going to ask any damn person if I need a permission slip to ride my bike, or dictate who I ride with.

    AND in no way does the FMC hate on anyone else! Not the Destralos, or Bandidos, or Amigos, or HA, or GJ or the Heathens or hell…. the Magic Wheels or Legacy Vets… or RR or Chic Riders…. Etc etc dude. So step off. We get along with everyone because that’s our thing bro. It’s worked for two years so I don’t think you need to tell us how to “modify” it.

    Finally… if any 1% steps to me and tries to touch me, or do something so foolish as to try to touch another FMC rider, or just plain old sportbike rider, or for that matter ANY upstanding person… I’ll be there packing and with my badge… And you can think about how damn stupid you’ve made yourself look when your serving 5-7.

  2. JW

    JW jasons_r1

    :spam1: That is all , move along

  3. HUGE PHATTY +1 Good shit bro.

    Holla' :clap
  4. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    :scratchea um yea not sure about all that, but where do you live in Puyallup I could always use a friend that is a LEO/Rider in the area :mrgreen:
  5. I'm not entirely sure what is going on here....what/who are you mad at?

    it sounds like you are just pissed off, but I can't tell why....
  6. omg we have a cop who is in a biker gang and threating to use his cop power to bring down someone else?

    sir what is your real name so I can get you fired for that threat you made at the end of your post?
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  7. tophyr

    tophyr Forum Cripple

    WHAT. ngng got our BACKS.
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  8. Read the title, then reread the post.

    It has to do with a threat made by a 1%er Biker Club against our little group of people who do nothing but mind our own business, and only expect the same from others.

    It's a clarification.
  9. tophyr

    tophyr Forum Cripple

    What's a 1%'er club?
  10. I was going to ask, but just looked it appears that it's something like Hell's Angels (at least that's the first thing that google brought up).
  11. You should probably reread the post too. You got it wrong. He wasn't threatening anyone, and FMCFiveOh isn't in a "biker gang".

    Ever heard of the Blue Knights? They're a extremely big biker club, international I hear.... and they're all either active or retired cops.

    So what was your thing again?
  12. ooooooooooooook, so.....since you seem to know what is going on b dogg, could you please fill us in? somebody threatened someone over something.....but.....why?

    *edit* my bro-in-law hangs with some Brother Speed guys in Twin Falls sometimes. they don't cause problems if you don't cause problems, at least that's his experience.....I'm wondering what provoked the threat
  13. I didnt make any threats. No one should be allowed to threaten or intimidate anyone or threaten physical harm to anyone else over something so stupid and childish. Nor would i let that happen in my presence. On or off duty. And Im not in a "biker gang" anymore then the AMA is a biker gang.

    Its kinda that whole sworn to serve and protect thing. Maybe you should read up on that.
  14. tophyr

    tophyr Forum Cripple

    Yeah, all I know is that this seems out of the blue.

    Although shit son betta not f with guns 'n money up there ^^^ !! LOL
  15. Sounds like somebody just wants attention, because im pretty sure hes not talking to any 1% in here. Go put on your faggoty como pants and ride instead of bitching about something nobody here cares about.
  16. DRS

    DRS Banned Camp

    i guess i don't understand bike club lingo. :scratchea

    what is FMC? and what is a 1% ?
  17. lol. who knows. I guess we're all in the pnwriders gang. Strength in numbers suckas. :thefinge:
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  18. ooooooooooooooooooook, I found something on this: clicky linky

    if you look up "1% biker club" on google, you get hells angels, and if you look at the quotes in the thread I linked to, you can see where someone who appears to be with the "banditos" and "Destralos" made some "threats" that sounded more passive aggressive than anything else, but I guess he's a "1%'er"

    fmc = freaking motorcycle clownz or something = a sportbike club try this
  19. Wasn't Smoke in the blue knights in Biker Boyz oh no wait that is the Black Knights...:mfclap:

    Is your name Smokey in the Blue Knightscrackup:
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  20. You just don't know, but what I'm sure you do know is that you need to fuck off, yesterday. Next.
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