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Thursday Bike Night 6/14/2012

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by Reckincrue, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Thursday the 14th a bunch of us will be meeting up in Selah to roll as a group to Bike Night at the Speakeasy.

    Meet up time is 6:30PM, KSU (Kick-Stands Up) at 6:45!

    Reserved parking for motorcycles right out front, large outdoor area, dinner and drink specials.

    People under 21 are welcome until 9PM.

    This is a good time and it helps to support a local business that is owned by people that ride and supports Biker rights groups and motorcycle organizations of all kinds.

    Last time we met up there were 27 cycles, including 10+ Sportbikes.

    Please don't feel like you shouldn't go because you don't know anyone or don't think your bike fits in.

    If you are on two wheels, (we had a trike on the last run) you are welcome.

    The meet-up location is:
    1510 N Wenas Rd
    Selah, WA 98942

    PM me for contact info or directions. See you there!

  2. This ride is badass. We ride in parade style down to the speak. These guys have it all figured out, they even have guys willing to put their bike in font of cagers to make sure the whole group gets through.

  3. :mfclap::mfclap::mfclap::mfclap::mfclap::mfclap:

    Bike Night at the SPEAKEASY
    is always a fantastic time!
    See ya there!

  4. I have heard from a few people now, looks like this one is going to be a nice group.
  5. My buddy Gixxerfrank said he would go also.
  6. I have 4 confirmed 6 maybe coming with me
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2012
  7. I'd like to try and tag along...
  8. Love to have you too Bro. I will be moving all vehicles out of my driveway so we can fit more bikes, hehe. Please pull into the farthest available spot, lawn is fine.

    The white pitbull that comes out to greet you is fine.

    The BROWN ONE that is in the backyard is NOT fine and should not be approached, haha!
  9. We are going to have a great turnout from the sound of things!
  10. Lets get this thing big and take over the bike lot and line the streets!!! whos all in??
  11. Great causes and good people!! All are welcome cruisers/sport/cafe/motar/touring/dirt/chopper and all others not listed!!!
  12. I'm in for sure, already got my babysitter and everything! lol :headbang:
  13. :mfclap:
  14. Awesome night guys. Glad you all came.

    Next week is really going to kick ass.
  15. Here I stole this from their FB this is a weekly thing and not the particular one for this particular date-just for future use..

    Last edited: Jun 18, 2012
  16. Where's the freakin pics at. Don't leave us hangin.
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