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Thursday night Bike night/coffee night

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by JIMMYRAY31B, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I think its that time of year again. Last summer we did Tuesday night coffee and it worked out well. This summer, Thursday nights.

    When: Every Thursday @ 6pm *(7pm when days get longer)*

    Where: Starbucks on College and Yelm Hwy, in the Lowes parking lot.,0.006899&ie=UTF8&z=17

    Lets start this Thursday(03/24/2011, looks like the weather is gonna be a little wet!

    This is rain or shine!

    I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!
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  2. :mrgreen: You did it better justice than I could. Props man
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  3. Sounds good to me. Unfortunately I don't think I can make this one. Oh well, there is always next week.
  4. Sweeeeeeet. I'm liking the 7pm meeting time. Although, why Starbucks... I suggest we support somewhere else. A locally owned venue.
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  5. Starbucks is local (Washington Local) Lol!

    Anything in mind though? Can't just say, lets try somewhere else and not give some examples!
  6. C~Style

    C~Style Retired

    Glad someone one is on this, thanks Jimmy. With my new career and family growth it is hard for me to commit to anything.

    Two years ago we met Thursdays and it worked out well for a lot of people. I originally chose starbucks for a couple reasons, good amount of parking, they had outside seating, there is something to drink for everyone, and well I worked across the street. Another nice thing about *bucks is that people don't have to buy anything. If you have it at a restaurant or other establishment, many times people are expected to purchase something.

    edit: +1 Starbucks is a local company
  7. so if i show up at 630 i'm fashionably late, but relatively early?! :mfclap: i might be in the cage though, having some headlight issues with the bike
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  8. Sorry Jimmy, just thinking on my toes on the way out the door this morning.

    True, so true... on all points, I'd maybe suggest this spot on Mud Bay, but it's a bar, Don't know if thats all that good of an idea nor is it as local as the college street starbucks venue.

    On second thought I'm ok with showing up and not purchasing anything. :mrgreen:

    WHAT!? Thats a bummer.:angry7: Get that fixed!
  9. i know i's been down since that freak snow storm!! got caught in the hail while i was at school...:angry7:....hopefully it's nothing serious...
  10. I'll be there at 6...Anyone else going?

    I haven't decided if I'm caging or riding yet.
  11. i'll drop in..but chances are leaning toward the cage...late start on the day, so idk if i'll have the functioning by then..:popcorn:
  12. I will stop by for a couple. Then I have a meeting to go to.
  13. I'll be riding there. Leaving in 10.
  14. good seeing you guys...apologies for having to leave soon after i got there...but hey, i said i'd make it!! 8)
  15. That is a nice Sub Shop, across the street.
  16. I'll try to make it in this week look forward to meeting some local riders.
  17. Depending on the weather, school and the VA, I'll try to make it.
  18. Sweet I live down the street. I'll try to make the next meet. I'm looking forward to meeting other riders :)
  19. It will be nice to meet some of the new guys.
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