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Thx South South Honda

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by BGL, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. I went in there @ about a quarter after 5pm today and asked if there was any way i could get a new front tire on. They weren't really sure they could squeeze it in (really busy) & i said it'd be ok if they couldn't just figured i'd try. Well some one took some 'flack' but they got it to me in about an hour and i was highly pleased.

    Tell ya i don't ever recall having a bad experience with these guys, i bought my bike there and have had everything done by them exclusively. Their staff has always been very friendly & prompt. Usually some one recognizes me and it's not because i'm there all that often.

    Some one recognized my last name as the 'guy' who limped in the wrecked f4i lol (arrg) - Gave them a brief run down on my stupidity there.

    A tech there said they should frame my front (qualifier) as it had 12k miles on it & still didn't even really have any flat spot going on. I didn't mention it but it's been exactly a year that i've had this bike (& that tire) but i did mention i went to eastern Montana on it. I also did half a free track day a while ago. It had some cracks developing in the lower rubber of the tread, and obviously a bit missing but other than that not much to scoff at.

    Sat on the new 1kRR .. not even sure why but ya know one of those things you have to do. Sure a sexy bike. Wish i could legitimize getting it but i don't have any reason.

    So i figured i'd write this cuz i know i kept some one a few minutes late but i do appreciate it.

    Did i mention i ran into Motorcycle Mom? 8)

    Edit: South Sound Honda, Not South South Honda, heh
  2. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    12k front tire of a sportbike? Holy smokes Jed. Now thats tire conservation. I'm due for some new ones. Mine are almost 3 years old. lol.. seriously thats how little I ride these days. 3 years and around 2000 miles.

  3. I was up there about an hour before you Jed. Nice folks. But I didn't see anything I had to walk away with. Just not a Honda girl.. :)
  4. I am not a Honda person but Alan and the parts people have been very good. I bought a set of Conti Road Attack from them and was very happy with the transaction.
  5. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    Honda didn't bring the white/silver color scheme along for the 2008 600's. :banghead:
  6. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    Boy Jed you must of been wearing the right cloths or holding your head right or smelling pretty, can't believe what I read. Curtis has obviously stepped up the game. I say Nice, and about time.
  7. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    How the hell do you get 12K out of a front tire on a sportbike? With no flatspots? Holy shit man....

    You weigh what....100 pounds? The most I've been able to coax out of a front tire is 3100....

    Glad to hear you got good service. It is too often we hear just the bad experiences...
  8. So - how many miles SHOULD a front tire get? I'm still on my orginal front and at 12,245 miles. Should I be tire shopping? It still looks fairly decent.

    EDIT: Nevermind.. I had them changed out at around 5-6K. I should be good! :)
  9. Must have been that giggle of your's, Jed--gets me every time8)
  10. Shoot thats cause all that ass the tire has to stop crackup:crackup:crackup:

  11. poser :thefinge:
  12. He only uses the back brake.:mrgreen:
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