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Time to change your air

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by 2linby, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Yup! It is that time of year again to change out the air in your tires from Summer to Fall, or Autumn air. In order to properly match humidity and density levels for optimum performance it is critical this vital servicing is done within days, if not hours of September 21st (the first day of Fall, or Autumn if you prefer). The advantages are better handling, cooler tire temps, longer tire wear life and equalization of normal forces associated with gravitational, lateral, torsional, centripital and other dynamic forces involved in the reduction of frictional wear characteristics.

    My ears are open and I look forward to hearing all the "hissing" of motorcycle tire Schrader valves throughout the southern Oregon region in the next couple of days.

  2. This is what I use.
    I find the Fall air has the worst performance.
  3. Also a good time to change from summer-weight blinker fluid to winter-weight. Failure to do so can cause your blinkers to run too fast, as well as total blinker failure....
  4. This is a great reminder, especially with the riders going on the Oyster run this weekend! Change that $hit or face the consequences!!
  5. And you better start searching for winter gas .. i heard you can get it early at 76 or mobil1
  6. I find that running a water level in my tires normalized to atmospheric does wonders. Helps balance out that tendency to hydroplane when there's a couple inches of liquid in the tire. Really cuts through standing water!
  7. Where can I find some more blinker fluid? Everytime I go to the local Yamaha dealer they say that they are out and to keep checking back weekly. Im tired of going down there with my blinkers not working anymore, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  8. Quote: In order to properly match humidity and density levels for optimum performance it is critical this vital servicing is done within days, if not hours of September 21st (the first day of Fall, or Autumn if you prefer).

    The Autumnal Equinox is the the 23rd this year giving us all EXTRA time to procure that FALL air!! :nana

    Just saying!! crackup:
  9. There is a world wide shortage!!! Even KaleCo Auto is out of stock. I think the Ballard area drivers have been using it up at unbelievable rates....
  10. I was wundering how you purge the old air out as you fill it with fresh air? You need a long skinny tube that gos through the valve stem w/ core removed, so that the old air comes out through there while you pump the new air in? As I typed that I got an idea for drilling my wheel for a 2nd valve stem. One can be used to fill it while I bleed out old air on the opposite side. I better go get a pattent on that....
  11. Nice avatar. Looks familiar. :scratchea
  12. There's a special machine you're supposed to use. Same machine they use to fill tires with nitrogen (scam). It actually sucks out all the air, fills the tire, then repeats twice more. The trick is, you have to make sure they've loaded the correct seasonal canister in the machine, or else they'll likely just give you Spring air in Fall, because they haven't sold out of the old canister yet. Fucking Stealerships. :rant
  13. there are a lot of geo metros out there.
  14. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Wait a couple of months, and go straight to Winter Air. I've found that summer & winter are more critical than the transitional season (spring & fall.) You can get winter air at O'Reilly's. This is an older can I had...

    O'Reilly's still carries it, though, but not at all of their stores.

  15. Plus, we get the PNWR discount at O'Reilly!
  16. Thats what the guy at RMC told me as well, this is getting rediculous now. I dont think its too much to ask for some spare fluid for us poor folk from kidnap county is it:roll:
  17. Last time I used fall air....... I fell.....
  18. Yes and the same goes for Spring Air as you'll get sprung, and Summer Air you'll get Baked or possibly roasted either of which leads to slow throttle respone, and delayed reaction times. :drunken:
  19. With the amount of money I spend on the bike, my wife gets mad when I want to change the air every season. She says it never gets above 60 where we live, so I should just keep winter air in all year. Recently, I had to change my rear tire and all they had at the shop was summer air, so that's what I had to buy. I think it was a scam and they were just hiding the fall air in the back so that I would have to come back this week to buy more air. What a ripoff!