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Tire sprockets and chain time

Discussion in 'Westside' started by ninjaplay, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. I pushed things not wanting to shut my bike down during the great weather. Steel coming through on both tires. Did my own research for a few days of long hours and decided on the Michelin Power Pure, with did x 520 chain and high quality sprockets, I want to makes sure things are a ok on the drive train. I get bored with most rides and most of the time prefer to ride by myself. I need tires that will stick to the road at all speeds. I would have gone with the one's except they were just to much unless you're only doing track days no wet weather traction. I wish I could have found this information without doing the research myself. I got about 3k on my bridgestone battleaxe. One of the things I think I'll like best about the pure's is that they are about 2 pounds each lighter than other tires, which means being able to flick the bike into a corner hot and have it hold. This post isn't for those that don't knee drag, well maybe it could be, but most don't understand how important tires are with performance. Maybe I'll only get another 3k out of my tires, but it will be a fun 3k and a better chance of staying on the road. Another tire they recommended were the 3's, not for me, those babies are rain tires. A great cross country tire with high mileage intended. This post might help other get a good basic idea of where to start your own research without spending tons of time.
  2. mmhmmm probably the best sport touring rain tire baby. One lady at bike night had over 10k miles on them with her big ol' VFR, and she rode those bitches out to the edge, not even a flat spot yet!

  3. The pures are great tires. I have been running them the last 3 summers and have little to no complaints. BTW they weigh 2lbs less on average as a set, not each tire. And how does the 2 pound lighter tire weight improve going "hot into a corner and having it hold"?
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  4. Glad this thread exists. I didn't realize tires were important until now. I must go buy these Pures you speak of.
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  5. Do you really get the pures to warm up quick and stay warm in this cold weather?
  6. I'm on my 2nd set of pr2's, survived 8k of commuting plus 2 track days. Holding up great. I can't live with less than 8k out of a tire.
  7. Wait, what's this thread about again? :scratchea
  8. cobra525

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  9. How the fuck do you get up to 3k miles out of a set of tires?! What mileage were they actually worn out, which was way before the cords were sticking out?
  10. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    My guess would be burnouts?
  11. no burnouts whatsoever dog. Lots of top end and corners. When the steel started coming through I applied the brakes one day when the light turned quick from yellow, couldn't figure out why I wasn't stopping slid right into the crosswalk. As far as going into a coner hot, the article I read stated that you have a gyro effect with the heavier tires. They went so far as to attach weights to the outer side of the tires, and proved that you could make a quick flick much faster with the less weight in a very specific place, the tires. The article I read said two pounds each tire. I don't have these tires yet, so I'm just going on the research I did, the ones that are using them sound sold, I just wish I had found this information here first without spending so much of my time deciding which ones to go with. And thus this post to give people that do their maintenance at the end of the year and throughout the cold weather a spot to start their own research. I'm hanging my old ones on my wall, they are both gone big time. Glad to see a thread on the sprockets and chains, as I may do a switch to steel or titanium with the did x chain.
  12. Nope. I had a set of pures on last winter and those fuckers spun up like mad in the cold.
  13. PeteN95

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    Are we talking about the front tire or rear tire?! :scratchea
  14. Jstilt

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    The only thing im learning from from this thread is how important proper punctuations and paragraphs are to really understand what one by be talking about.
  15. I just wish the OP would answer a couple questions to verify the BS
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  16. What the hell are you doing to your tires?! I have 7k on my Power Pure 2CT's and they have plenty of life left... I can't drag knee but I'm about 1cm away to give you an idea of my riding style.
  17. We really need more posts like this here on PNWR. Full of useful information.
  18. PeteN95

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    Your knee is 1 cm from the pavement or you're 1 cm from using the whole width of the tire tread? If it's your knee, how are you measuring this? :scratchea

    This thread has a lot of win. :mrgreen:
  19. cobra525

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    are you drunk?:thefinge:
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