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  1. So I'm surfing through the Cycle Gear add for their tire sale and looking to see what the add says about the Bridgestone BT016. Looking at the reviews, there is some guy that goes by Cutback as the first review. Looking further, he's from Oregon. Can it be the one and only? ::301 Link follows: And pulled the review out in case you don't want to go to the link. BTW - the price looks pretty good.

    Great tire!
    By CutbackVerified Buyer from Oregon on 10/15/2010
    Bottom Line:
    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    Comments about BRIDGESTONE BT016 Street Motorcycle Tire PACKAGE DEAL:

    These tires will not let you down. Incredible value!
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  2. Ahhaha it's totally him.
  3. I think the guy's a newbee and probably doesn't know a descent tire from a spark plug!:scratchea
  4. KevinD

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    On two wheels
    That's gotta be it: Bridgestone tires suck, in my opinion.
    At least their cruiser tires do.


  5. Yeah, that’s it. But that guy doesn’t necessary have to know how it works, just how to ride…….:301
  6. BT016's.......Isn't that my countersprocket?
  7. I thought that was the part number, for the scrotum heater on the ZX14.
  8. My bad, forgot Kawi riders don't have scrotums.
  9. Lack of scrotems, allows for easier transitions in chicanes. :nana
  10. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Don't you mean 'tiers'?
  11. I just have to work around my built in bean bag chair, thats why my transitions are a little slow.
  12. A good custom seat will take care of your built in bean bag chair but, I've got no idea where you'll keep your cheetos! :shock:
  13. Gonna have to rent room in Q's tank bag, can't ride without my Cheetos.:mrgreen:
  14. Maybe, I could carry them for you, in the area formally occupied by my scrotum. :shock:
  15. Nice, warm sticky cheetos... Great on a cold ride. lol
  16. ducatichick

    ducatichick Wench

    they might get fuzzy too
  17. I ran bto16's since last winter, got good mileage and good performance out of them, but im getting close to need a new set of shoes for the ol SV. What do you guys think, another set of BTO's? Q2's? 2ct's? id like to hear what people have to say...
  18. QCD


    BFE, OR
    I'm partial to Pilot Power 2CT's. :mfclap:
    Pilot Roads are a little more money, but last WAY longer.

    Check out for pricing 8)
  19. I'm loving my Q2's, so far so good.
  20. so 1 for CT's & 1 for Q2's.... anyone else?
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