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Title issue.....

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by DullJack, May 16, 2012.

  1. there I was, no shit, being a complete :tard:

    Anyways, moved out of state, and misplaced one of my titles during the move. Now, I have a buyer (just walked up to me and offered me a good price), but I have no title in hand, and am a bit of a hike from Washington (where the vehicle is still titled).

    Options? Thanks
  2. You can mail the forms with payment to a washington DOL... you could also fill out the form for release of interest to the new owner so the new title would go straight to his/her name and be mailed to them.

  3. call them and do it over the phone??? or mail .. or internet
  4. As long as YOU were the registered owner it shouldn't be a problem.
    I just did the same thing (except not out of state), had the release and all the papers ready to go by the original owner. I had fill to out the Bill Of Sale and add the sale amount (lucky me for saving...well...I can't say:evil4:) and I was good to go.
    Takes about 6 weeks to get the title.

    I some one goes in to transfer and is not the owner and can't get the registered owner or don't know who or where they are......... You're going to have a bad time.:x
  5. So if I do the Release of Interest, and have the title sent to him, will he still have to pay the 10% tax, even though the sale is in another state?
  6. This. I did it from NY and it was no issue at all. They send you the paperwork to fill out, you send them a cashiers check for the amount of the reissued title, they send the title to you.

    You'll wait until you get the title, fill out the info, and he will pay whatever the taxes are for the state that he is in, not for WA.