TiVo Series II DVR w/lifetime programming

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by ridetriumph, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. TiVo Series II DVR Model TCD540080 DVR

    Lifetime programming subscription
    Netgear WG111 Wireless USB Adaptor
    Peanut remote
    Phone cable and splitter
    Coax cable
    Serial cable (to control your cable box)
    IR cable
    AV cable
    S-Video Cable

    (plus shipping if you're out of the Portland/Vancouver area)
  2. might have a buddy with interest. pm sent.

    he said no thanks.

    gl with the sale.
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  3. That seems like a killer deal. I know nothing about tivo. do you still need to have a cable subscription or is it tv through your internet connection?
  4. yes on cable.

    the big thing is the lifetime subscription. tivo doesnt sell it anymore.
  5. +1 on the lifetime subscription.

    best thing is that if something poops out, you can order the part from weaknees and get a replacement cause the subscription is in a chip on the mb. have had my series2 box for at least six years now, replaced the hard drive a little over a year ago. cooling fan a little after that.

    i just wish i could somehow upgrade it to receive hd signal now.

    (btw, it *is* possible to transfer the lifetime subscription to an hd box for no charge - it'll take about an hour on the phone complaining, but it can be done)
  6. You don't necessarily need cable but it's not TV over internet. You can do it with an antenna and dvr over the air broadcast.
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