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To all of the boeing employees out there!!!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Powder, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Sorry to ask around on here but i am getting laid off on november 1st :angry7: and i am in dire need of a job!!! i have applied already for a few jobs but if there are any of you out there that have ties with upper management and could help a fellow rider out please let me know.

    I am prior navy with over 10 years aircraft painting /corrosion control experience
    I have 3 years hydraulic experience, as well as structure repair.
    I am awesome at sealant jobs and i can learn fast.

    everett is where i am looking to sign on at being that i live in mount vernon.

    to all that can help i would be very appreciative and if you cant i would understnad, just trying to exhaust every resource.
  2. Takes a hot minute, but look at too

  3. i have and nothing :/ well i never stop searching. thanks for the help though.
  4. The ones at usajobs are open continuous. They fill positions from there. I'll see if I can find the link for the shipyard.

    I took me 14 months for my first application to my hiring date when I got hired as an Electrician this spring. I had my licenses to do the job for over a two year period before I even applied.

    The good ole boy "I have a friend who needs a job, hire them" routine may have been true in the 1960s, but anyone who wants to work for Boeing has to go to a career center and submit an application through the Boeing website. Its a long drawn out process, but with all the new aircraft orders maybe, maybe a high demand position will take less time to process.

    With your experience maybe a automotive service job can be a temporary solution.
  6. haha, it took me 14 months too! you really cant just get a job through somebody else anymore. theyre weeding out the retards now.
  7. They got a farm full of weeds left to whack still then...

    Disclaimer: that's not aimed at you or anyone on this thread. A friend of mine works for Boeing security and the stories he tells me about some of the moronic shit that goes on at Boeing is priceless.
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  8. Knowing someone within the company WILL help you get through the black hole of the hiring websites.

    I know worksource puts on a class just for getting hired at Boeing. Perhaps you should take a look? Boeing's website is HIGHLY keyword oriented. Be sure to customize your resume to fit their keywords.
  9. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

  10. Someone with your experience could probably find work at an Automotive body shop? They are always looking for painters, prep, etc.
  11. I used to be friends with a kid who's mom did the hiring (his dad was also a union head)...she helped land him and a few people jobs. So I can say it can be done. Unfortunately, he is not a resource for me anymore.

    Good luck!
  12. Getting a job at Boeing is easy, just use special keywords over and over again in your application. The most common words they look for are "retard" or "retarded" or "addict". It should only take a few days.
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  13. You may want to look into a company called Global Maritek Systems. They do all the contracted maintenance for Border Patrol/Customs boats, AND some Coast Guard boats.......they have a bunch of people wrenching on boats in the Puget Sound area......

    I don't know anybody there, but i have dealt with them.......I think they do work for the Navy too........
  14. uhm uhm.... forgot to put gas in it... uhm uhm... fried tators
  15. I second this. My roommate just got a job there, she had some friends at boeing and they really helped her out. First they clued her in on the keywords, and they made great references for her. She got in for an interview within weeks, and job offer/ start date in just over a month. Its possible if the right people want to help you out. btw the job she got had nothing to do with the job they do. Shes doing something in finance, they are aerospace engineers...

    Look through the job description and use as many of the words from the description you can in your resume. Then find some good references and you should be set.
  16. Just don't give up on 'em man...the FBI (father,brother,in-law) thing isn't that effective anymore.
    They are still hiring assembler/installers and probably painters and sealers as well. It's hard to get really good sealers...shit is like an art form and not a lot of people want that job. "In-Tank" sealers get a bit more $$$ for working in confined spaces.
    There is an "aging workforce there so even if you score a job elsewhere for a while, keep Boeing in mind.

    Boeing gives vet's take all the good advice from above and stick with it. The job comes w/ the same old bullshit and politics you find everywhere else, but w/ damn fine benefits.

    And since you'll get to get the sweet parking!

    Good Luck Man!
  17. It took me several tries over a few years to get in. As stated above, you need to create a profile on the system and include key words from job descriptions. Don't be a tool and do a straight cut and paste. A computer will use the key words to make matches but a human still looks at your resume.

    From there anyone doing hiring is able to use their BS detector - you know, in case janitorial hasn't worked out like you hoped and you have your eye on that CEO position.

    It is true that once you're in the sky is the limit. Besides engineering and building planes you can be a diesel mechanic, truck driver, do finance, be an attorney, make training videos, security, medical, etc. It's virtually a complete stand alone infrastructure.

    Literally, on your first day in orientation they teach you to look for another job.

    Plenty of planes being built. I wouldn't think a person with your job skills will be waiting long.
  18. Dane up above is a good dude.. give him a shot..

    if not, i am sure that my recruiter can find something for you in WA.
    They are doing lots of hiring right now

    email specifically and tell him that I sent ya.

    I read that you had 10 years navy and stopped reading and started typing.. I am always here to help fellow vets. Thank you for what you have done sir!
  19. thanks for all of the advice! i got a job offer now all i am waiting for is my background check to clear.
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