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to the ninja 250

Discussion in 'Westside' started by go_green, May 18, 2011.

  1. to the Two men riding nut to butt on a single ninja250 wearing full raingear yesterday down I5 south through tacoma,

    I salute you
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  2. raingear with no rain? or did it rain?

  3. not a cloud in the sky
  4. I dont think it was raining yesterday but I could be wrong... Might have been raining men for them tho.
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  5. nut-to-butt-guys-on-a-ninja-250, I too salute you.
  6. crackup:

    I am so f'ing glad I clicked on this post! :mfclap:

    Thank you. Made staring out at the sun from inside a little more tolerable.
  7. Maybee the just went through a car wash. crackup:
  8. this made me lol, especially because yesterday was really nice! (monday I got caught in the pouring rain though...)

    I solute the passenger more, it must be killing him not to have control of the throttle, I have a couple friends who like riding on the back of my bike, and I will never understand how they can stand it
  9. This belongs in the "Missed Connections" thread...

  10. :popcorn:
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