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toll i90 tunnels?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by mcote, May 20, 2012.

  1. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

  2. It will not be long till every bridge in this state has a toll.
  3. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

    MVET isn't looking so bad now huh
  4. I bet both Medina and Mercer Island will lobby against this. Mercer gets over scott-free right now, to wherever they need to be, and just to leave their island 50% of the time would mean an effective tax on all residents. Medina, on the other hand, currently has a nice 1% expressway that runs at full speed, all the time.

    Oh well.
  5. Hmm. Guess it's time to start looking at moving away from Seattle. If it goes into effect it's basically the same thing as taking a sizeable pay cut depending on toll rates and frequency of use.

    If it was a reasonable toll it'd be fine, but I had to pay more than 7 bucks to cross 520 twice yesterday. That's a meal. Montana keeps looking nicer and nicer.
  6. or just eastern washington......
  7. If I'm going that far I might as well keep going until the speed limit hits 75 (and I'm not in Idaho).
  8. [​IMG]

    SO we already pay an extra gas tax that's supposed to be specifically for this kind of shit, and a toll for 520. Now they realize most people are saying fuck that and taking i90, so they decide NO, Fuck them we will make it impossible for them not to pay....That's extortion. "but they need the money to fix the bridge!" pfff. They don't have enough money for necessary shit because they spend WASTEFULLY. For example: those retarded screens over the freeway that tell me how fast I can go when the dude in front of me tells me that.... Millions of $. On top of everything they charge motorcycles the same amount as a damn Hummer (most likely with studded tires for no damn reason.) If they do this shit lets have a plate flipper install meet.
  9. QFT

    Those signs over the freeway around my area says TEST most of the time.

    If they toll I90, gives me an even bigger reason against going to Seattle. I'll just blacklist it permanently.

    Also gives me a reason to install a tucker.
  10. the thing that puzzles me the most about this is how it can effect travelers. all people dont live in seattle, but may have to fly out of seattle airport/ferries..... mariners games/sounders games ect. its an extra ~$15, while not alot, still can make a difference to low income families if they are treating themselves to something.

    i understand that 520 is a convenience and 405 is kind of one, but 90 is the MAIN way into seattle from the east side of the state.

    anyways, yeah, plate tucks all around, maybe we can even help some cagers figure something out.
  11. I really wouldn't say 405 is a convenience at all, it is the ONLY way around the Seattle clusterfuck if you are going north-south or south-north. It would save you an hour of traffic depending on the day/time you go through. How about semi's that travel to the border or down south, imagine having all the trucks that travel 405 everyday heading through Seattle during all times of the day... would not be a pretty sight.
  12. They receive federal funds but if you read the article and then you read your link there are several exceptions and because every politician is a lawyer they will find a way to fit it in those exceptions.

    Much of I90 east of Madison, WI is tolled already.
  13. Shit, I knew that what I posted had to have some sort of loop holes in it :angry7: Thanks for pointing that out for me :mrgreen:
  14. No doubt will be installing a plate flipper if this happens.

    After this 405 will be next.
  15. Yeah the first exception your article allows for tolling for the construction of new toll highways (not federal freeways) and the reconstruction of already free highways when intended to then convert to a tollway. Since 520 is not tolled already, they will toll I90 to pay for a new 520 bridge then toll 520. All still within the guidelines of that federal act.
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