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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Engines

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. What are your top 10 motorcycle engines?
  2. How about a list of the most beautiful engines? I can start a list:

    Vincent Black Shadow (55-degree twin)

    Crocker (twin)

    Brough Superior 1000 (twin)

    Triumph Speed Twin

    Cyclone Board Track Racer (twin)

    BSA Gold Star (single)

  3. I didn't see the Kawasaki GPz motor on there... It was so bulletproof, they based the bottom end on the 1st liquid cooled Ninja motor from modified GPz crankcase halfs. Then again, I may be partial
    <------- :mrgreen:
  4. Or any of the Bevel drive Ducs. I'm partial to my 77 900ss.

    I was surprised the mighty TZ750 didn't make the list...
  5. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist


    Not one BMW engine. The one brand that has commonly gone 400,000 miles? Yet lesser quality engines were listed? Then the Honda 1520/1800 Goldwing/Valkyrie motors which are without a doubt the smoothest engines in motorcycles ever. Plus these can make 200,000 miles without to much effort. In the list of "best" none that I can believe would make those mileages.

    How are these rated? Owner satisfaction?

    To me "best " means quality, alone.
  6. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member


    This things sounds like pure evil. :shock:
  7. How did anything made by harley, prior to the v-rod make this list?
  8. i knew my motor would be in there. its just an amazing powerplant.

    GSXR1100----well its really a 1200 but its the same motor.
  9. infuential motors it seams like.
  10. "best" obviously doesn't mean best performers, or best racing results, or anything like that. This top 10 list is like listing the best colors of marshmellows in a box of Lucky Charms-completely subjective at best.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2010
  11. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    The 550's and 750's are bulletproof. The 900's... not so much. Bottom end, maybe, but their top ends were junk. There are a few anomalies... a buddy of mine has an 85 ZX900 with 90k on the odo and still running. I don't understand it. I never had such luck with mine... :banghead:
  12. I've owned no. 10 (Kawi 500 triple) and no. 3 (YZF-R1) and would have to agree on all points that they make. Incredible engines.
  13. This is clearly the best motorcycle engine ever made. All of our fun follows from this 1885 example by Daimler and Maybach.

  14. The Ninja250's engine has to be on there. not joking
  15. 'influential' powerplants seems right
  16. True!

    In stock form all GSX-R1000 & BUSa engines will annihilate the GSX-R1100, yet they would probably not exist if it weren't for the old oil cooled 1100's.
  17. I've owned 2 of the bikes on that list. LOL. But the one I hadn't owned that is mentioned in there is the FZ750... and that was what I always wanted. Still do actually.
  18. Just a 1mm overbore on the Bandit IIRC. Amazing how much they sleepified that engine for the B12, a cam swap and freed-up intake (w/ appropriate re-jetting) gives a huge increase in power.
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