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Tour Master Flex Series 2 Jacket Great Deal

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Tonga2, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Crap. I bought a large red at the $98 price, but that was 2 months ago. I really like it!

  2. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    Large sold out. Only XL and bigger left.
  3. Damn its tempting to jump on this deal. How cool is it with the outer shell off leaving just the mesh? I'd like a jacket that can be a little cooler.
  4. It's like wearing a T-shirt.

    The only problem with this jacket is that with the liner out, it's a size too big. Also, I had to send mine back for a zipper replacement/fix. The best thing I like about the jacket is that if you're going from valley floor to the mountains and back on a Spring or Fall day, you'll use all the layers and peel them off depending on the weather.

    If anyone has a medium in red or black and wants a large I might be interested in a trade.
  5. The jacket is nice. Although on a long trip it blew out a seam on the right shoulder. I'm waiting to get it back fixed or a new one. Turn around is supposed to be 1 week to ship then 4 weeks to get it back!! Nice that the warranty works...The time it takes for it get repaired (no way thats happening) or replaced is a bit nutz.

    I also had a zipper blowout driving down the freeway with the shoulder vents open.
  6. sweet. been looking for a mesh jacket :D thanks!
  7. I've used mine for most of the spring/summer. I pulled out the quilted liner when it got warm enough in the mornings to not freeze without it.

    I use the outer shell over the mesh for the morning, then remove the outer shell and use the mesh jacket in the afternoon when it's hot. The mesh is very good on hot days, even better than my perforated leather jacket.

    Overall, it's the most useful jacket I've got for this time of year. I haven't had any trouble with it at all and it's been worn a lot. The only feature that I don't like is the full length velcro used instead of a zipper on the front of the outer shell. The quilted liner and mesh jacket both use zippers. That drawback shouldn't be a deal killer, though. It's a lot of jacket for the money, especially at $50!!
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