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Toys for Tots Run

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by Knee Dragger, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. So it's my understanding there is a run this Saturday. The only thing is not sure of the time it starts and were it starts from. I am hoping someone knows and that we will have a good showing of the sportbike world. Post it up.

  2. this thing looks like a mini sturgis...didn't know we had that many cruisers, let alone motorcycles in this area.
  3. Weather permitting I was planning on attending.
  4. I'm thinking about making it!

    The cruiser crowd might think my naked Suzi Bandit is one of their own (unitl we start riding...:devil:).
  5. Ill be there. Gotta represent the crotch rocketeers!
  6. I will be there with my HOG club, got my toy and ready to roll.

    gunna test out my new GoPro.

    I hope to see you'all there.
  7. cold for sure...lotza cruisers. Maybe a dozen sport bikes tops and that is probably optimistic. Still a good time.

  8. It was a Cold but fun ride . Herd of 400 of us!:stir:
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