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Track day Pacific Raceway 8/25

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by 88dx, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Who from the bellingham group is down for a track day at Pacific Raceways Saturday Aug 25th? Its on a saturday so those that have weekends off dont have a excuse :mfclap:

    It would be nice to get a group of us together and maybe figure out a way to drive down together. Also anyone that is slower then me or on a tard ill give you a beer after :evil4:

    Sign up/info here:
  2. Did everyone in bellingham sell there bikes :scratchea

  3. I might wanna take the trip up to rip around on the tard. I need info
  4. Did you click on the link? what Info do you need :scratchea
  5. Sounds good I pmd you back :mfclap:
  6. signed up and paid for....YAY!!!!
  7. yep....i'm in. I'll be driving down Friday after work and camping at the track.
  8. So there is 3 of us in who else?
  9. Jesus holy Wtf. 165 dollars? That's retarded.
  10. Cheaper than other organizations.
  11. The big tracks cost a lot more then the MX or supermoto stuff your probably use to.
  12. And they do a bunch of stuff the other organizations don't. Free rider school courtesy of KFG Racing/Pirelli, giveaways during the riders meeting, Aprilia and BMW demo bikes at their events, free photos from staff photographer...what else do you want?
  13. neato.... Free rider school, cool but not something I'd sign up for anyways. Free stuff? Awesome, but I'm sure if I didn't already have it, I don't really need what they're giving me anyway. I have no desire to ride any demo bikes, or any bike other than my own for that matter. I could care less about pictures. I'm there to ride my bike, not have a photo shoot. What else do I want? A price for a track day that makes at least a little bit of sense. A practice day on an mx track, a track that must be rebuilt/reshaped or reconfigured after the day is done, is like 35 bucks at most. And a race day isn't a huge leap more than that.

    Why are the tracks so much more expensive?
  14. They'r more expensive because they cost more to run. I'm not sure exactly what Pacific costs to rent on a weekend but it has to be close to $10,000. Your average MX park is a much cheaper facility to both build and run thus costing much less. The average road course track day is ~$200, so $165 is cheap.
  15. Rent? Who's renting? In mx we just show up and pay the owners. And how exactly does it cost more to run? I can understand building costs. But once the track is built its built. I know pavement needs maintenance every once in a while but like I said before, mx track needs maintenance every day. 165 might be cheap realitivly, but that's more than I would ever even consider paying.
  16. In this case, OPRT is renting the track from the owners of Pacific Raceways.

    It's clear that you don't understand simple economics, but don't go bashing on a fine organisation out of clear ignorance.
  17. Sorry you think it's too expensive. OPRT was put together as a non profit 501c3 in order to make track days more affordable. Thus they have the least expensive days for both Pacific Raceways and The Ridge. We usually have a nice turnout of supermotos too. I'm sure you'd learn a thing or two about your supermoto and possibly crash less and have more fun.

    OPRT is renting the facilities from Pacific and Ridge. That's how it's done. Then OPRT incurs all the risk of low turnout, weather, and liabilities. Additional costs come in with corner workers - at least 4 at Pacific and 7 at Ridge, general liability insurance for the org and the track owners, radio rental, cone rental, portapotty rental (yes...even Pacific charges this), air fence rental in certain corners (this is not cheap), ambulance and medic rental, and the list keeps on growing.

    I'm not familiar with how MX is run. Judging from your sentiment, you just show up, pay $35, and have free reign of the track? That's not how road courses are run. Way too dangerous. We have to regulate 3 groups to keep speeds fairly even between the groups - and that hardly minimizes the speed difference. Just from a safety perspective, a road course need more attention.

    The cost of building and maintaining the facilities is massive. With MX you can just run a water truck and a bobcat. Road courses require much more like graders and asphalt. Obviously more means more costs. How long is an MX track? Surely it isn't 2.25 miles like the road course. The sheer size of it mandates additional costs to maintain.

    I understand your nieve statements on how much it should cost once the pavement is poured. Certainly Pacific has it paid for by now. But - the initial cost of laying it down is in the millions. The Ridge will be doing a final coat over the current DOT mix. Their asphalt costs are higher than Pacific already. It's losing money in the beginning to make money at the end.

    I know I can't convince you of the justification of charging someone $165 for a track day. I'll just chalk it up to your inexperience with road courses. If you do change your mind about riding at the track maybe you can score a free day or something of the like. OPRT has been known to give days away to PNWRider members and the response has been positive. Or talk nicely to any of the staff members and maybe score a discount. Most are in pretty good with the directors.

    Final thought - There are ways to get on the track cheaper to see if you like it. One is Taste of Racing, held by WMRRA. For $20 bucks plus a $10 gate fee you get to ride on the track for a session over the lunch hour. Maybe give that shot since it's in your price range. Or if you want to come to an OPRT day, they can probably accommodate a similar "try it before you buy it" session to help change your mind.
  18. I'm not bashing anything or anybody. I'm just saying WOW that's spendy.

    Not understanding and not knowing are different things. But thanks so much for your dickly response!:thumblef: